Sunoco deal moves to a vote of council

Representatives from Sunoco Oil answered questions about pipeline and easement rights at a Utilities and Related Services committee meeting Monday.

At the last meeting to discuss the pipeline, the company was to offer $5,550 for the easement rights.

Sunoco Oil has increased the compensation for the easement to $12,000.

Representative Eric Vilhauer said the bore profile is low enough that it will not affect other lines such as the sewer system.

He also said the pipeline is designed around the existing systems. The distance regulation is 12 inches, but typically allow for 2 feet of space around the pipeline for safety reasons.

They still are in negotiations for valve locations, including near the Sandusky River.

Representative Russell Jones said there is an existing pipeline from the 1940s, and the committee asked if that line would ever be put back into use.

“It probably will never be,” he said. “They’d have to do some testing, some work on it, to meet the federal regulations to put a pipe like that back into service.”

Jones said it would not be complicated to reach the city’s sewer lines and that they would require hand digging in order to protect the pipelines.

“It would take coordination,” he said.

Jones also said the pipeline is coated, but it will not be in Teflon, as reported at the April meeting.

It would be inspected every five years to look for potential defects.

Council President Paul Elchert said it would help the community to be safer.

Legislation was moved to council.