Packed church mourns 5 kids

Church pews were packed Thursday morning at a funeral held for the five children killed in a Sunday morning mobile home fire.

At the funeral of 6-year-old Tiara Angel, 5-year-old Stormie Huey, 4-year-old Trinitie Huey, 3-year-old Sunshine Huey and 1-year-old Domonic Fresch, several people remembered and celebrated the lives of the young siblings.

“They were delighted to have what they had, and that was loving parents and each other,” said the Rev. Mark Boedeker during the service.

Boedeker described the children as always happy and always smiling, and said each had their own unique traits and personalities.

The oldest, Tiara, was described by Boedeker as outgoing and having an infectious personality. Although stubborn at times, she always was easy to get along with, he said.

Stormie, known as “mommy’s big girl,” was not anything like her name, Boedeker said.

“She was full of peace, full of calmness,” he said.

The “ornery one,” Sunshine, was curious and always pushing the envelope.

“She also knew she had big, beautiful brown eyes and she could use those big, beautiful brown eyes,” Boedeker said.

He said Trinitie was the quiet one who didn’t mind being on her own and Domonic was “all boy.”

Boedeker said the children’s mother, Anna Angel, who was working at Burger King at the time of the fire, has used one word to describe all five: smiley.

“Even though each of their candles have been extinguished, their light still shines, their flame still burns,” he said. “I know that all five of them are joined in heaven hand in hand and are skipping and laughing and being smiley.”

Pat Boes, Angel’s co-worker, also spoke at the funeral. She said the community has come together for Angel and should continue to do so.

“We as a family should hold together our strength for each other,” Boes said.

“Six losses in one day … I still couldn’t imagine,” she said.

The four girls were laid to rest in a single casket Thursday at Greenlawn Cemetery.

Domonic was buried with his father, 25-year-old Timothy Fresch, who also died in the fire. The two were laid to rest in St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Sandusky.