Board receives project updates

By Vicki Johnson

Staff Writer

Seneca County Park Board members heard updates on ongoing projects at their meeting Wednesday.

Director Pat Obringer said the West Lodi Church painting project has been completed, and the board discussed plans for the building. The church was donated to the parks by West Lodi Historical Society and is to adjoin Bowen Nature Preserve.

Board member Bill McAllister updated the board on the progress of a strategic planning process under way. He said the committee plans to provide a final plan to the board at the January meeting. In other business, a work day was scheduled to take care of maintenance on the horse trail at Garlo Heritage Nature Preserve before the annual equestrian poker run near the end of September.

The board heard presentations from two Boy Scouts planning Eagle Scout projects at Forrest Nature Preserve. One is to build steps on a trail. The other is planning a small shelter to house the park’s mower.

The board and Friends of the Seneca County Park District discussed progress on a fundraiser selling T-shirts at Oktober Fest, scheduled for Oct. 6 at Garlo preserve.