Saving green

Ted Howell, founder of Energy Instruction Group LLC, led the Green Apple Project workshop Wednesday, the last in a series of four.

The goal of the workshop is to help institutions create and carry out effective and sustainable energy conservation projects, Howell said.

The workshop, hosted by North Central Ohio Educational Service Center through the North Central Ohio Regional Council of Governments, was designed for Ohio’s public institutions including colleges and universities, K-12 buildings, cities, counties, and state, according the Green Apple Projects website.

“The workshop also looks into cost effective ways to lower energy costs with environment, financial and educational benefits of energy conservation,” Howell said. “We also want to be able to alleviate any problems or concerns that many people have.”

During the workshop, Howell discussed ways to get more energy savings through conservation measures; state legislation, such as House Bill 264; project developments; how to manage a project; financing options; and ways to implement renewable energy systems.

Shawn Branham, maintenance and heating, ventilation and air conditioning supervisor for Seneca East, said he attended the workshop to learn more about tracking savings and staying up to date on ways to save energy costs.

“I enjoyed this workshop,” Branham said. “It was very informative in explaining how to track the savings of different energy measures and pointed out places to start and how to get to an end result.”

Custodian Bau

Parsons of Lakota said he also enjoyed Howell’s presentation.

“Much of the information that Howell spoke of today has been repeated, but it is the most important,” Parsons said. “The workshop was very interesting and intriguing.”

The Lakota Local Schools building is in its third year, Parsons said. The building has some occupancy sensors to help reduce lighting costs and there are heating and cooling sensors that also help with energy savings, he said. “I would like to take back more ways to help in reducing costs for lighting and better ways to conserve water.”

Howell said his main goal is to present the information in an engaging and entertaining way and to help gain a network of support.

“The workshop was very helpful to network with other districts and see what other ideas they may have that we can use at Seneca East,” Branham said.

Howell said, “We just want people to be smarter and to look at things differently. By being smarter and aware, we can go out and do something.”

The workshop was funded through the Ohio Development Services Agency and the Ohio Department of Energy.

For more information about the project, visit or contact Howell at (440) 823-2223 or