Republic Village Council meets, discusses future hydrant flushing

Republic council members granted Lora Stombaugh permission to only tarp a vehicle sitting in her yard accepting a letter explaining the 1981 chevrolet Camaro Sports Coupe is the restoration project of her husband and sons and they have no building in which to store it. An Ohio Basic Code ordinance stated collector’s vehicles may be covered with a tarp.

Councilman Jeff Moyer introduced the topic of removing and chipping the remaining brush in the village from the July 10 storm. Limited funds are the issue and several options were presented. Could they pay for it out of the electric fund? Could they have another resident volunteer day? Could Charlie’s Tree Service return for a fee to finish chipping?

Members determined that Village Administrator Crystal Hoepf should contact Charlie’s and make an offer to complete the project. Residents able to deliver brush to the village brush pile are being asked to do that for chipping. Council extended thanks to the fire department and residents who volunteered their time after the storm.

Hoepf reported hydrant flushing takes place Aug. 28-29. She reminded residents not to do laundry during the flushing and to run the washer without clothes to clear the water. She noted three delinquent utility billings were being presented for tax assessments to collect those fees. She also thanked Jenna Larick for painting the village’s fire hydrants.

Resident Ed Loesser Jr. expressed appreciation to council for his electric meter being changed. He noted it recorded only half the usage for the period as previous. He also stated he delivers The Advertiser-Tribune early in the village and often finds residents have left lights on all night in their garages with the doors open.

Councilman Kevin Thompson questioned if there was an ordinance pertaining to blowing grass onto the roadway when mowing.

Council granted permission for a one-day liquor permit for a benefit softball tournament at Community Park on Sept. 28.

Council is moving its next meeting to 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 3, as Monday is Labor Day.