Hopewell-Loudon K-12 dedicated

BASCOM – This day has been three long years in the making, said Superintendent Nichole Jiran Sunday at the dedication ceremony for the new Hopewell-Loudon K-12 School Building.

“This day would not have happened without the state of Ohio, that administration, board of education members, faculty and staff, and the community taxpayers,” Jiran said.

The ceremony included several speakers including 1992 Hopewell graduate Chris Daniel, who served as chair for the 70 More Campaign.

“I have great pride in being a chief,” Daniel said. “The old building served the district well, but it had started showing its age.”

The former building was dedicaoted in 1940.

“Now we have an attractive sturdy building that is to make history. We look at the memories of the past 70 years and now look forward to the next 70,” Daniel said. “Aug. 21 is to begin a new era.”

Representing the class of 2014 for the ceremony were Morgan Brant and Allison Arnold.

“We want to express our appreciation and gratitude from the groundbreaking to today,” Brant said. “We want to thank the teachers for leading us into a new school year. The new building will heighten our experiences and we will leave inspiring foot prints for the next generations to come.”

Arnold said, “There is a lot of pride that goes into being a chieftain. It doesn’t exist in these four walls, it is in each one of us.”

“Wow” was the word teacher Janine Meisner expressed at first seeing the building.

“This day has finally arrived.” Meisner said. “The excitement is like a child waiting to see what gifts they had received for Christmas. This Wednesday is to be our Christmas morning. I can’t wait to see the faces of the children. This building was built for the students, it is something to be proud of.”

State Rep. Rex Damschroder, R-Fremont, also spoke at the ceremony.

“This place had a definite wow factor. I don’t know if it is the color of the paint or the people, but this is a great place to be,” Damschroder said. “Take advantage of this new facility and a great education. Take care of your school it is a fitting tribute to the future.”

The first day of classes for Hopewell-Loudon is Wednesday.