H-L memories will last

BASCOM – By the end of October, the former Hopewell-Loudon Local School building is to have been torn down, but the community still has pride in the building.

“While it is hard seeing the old school come down, it is great seeing the new school across the road that will keep the Chieftain tradition alive,” Hopewell-Loudon Board Vice President Sandy Reinhart said.

Abdoo Brothers Demolition Ltd. began the demolition process in early August. The crew had to remove all copper wire and piping, loose furnishings, ceiling tiles and carpet to begin razing the structure.

The building is to be taken down by hydraulic excavators. One machine is to begin at the southern wing and another is to start at the bus garage, owner David Abdoo said. He said the process is expected to take 90 days, from clearing out the building and tearing it down to spreading of topsoil.

“The new building is very, very nice,” said Chris Daniel.

Daniel served as co-chairman for the Facility Needs Committee and as chairman of the levy campaign for the new building.

“We are very fortunate to have the building that we have,” Daniel said. “It is unheard of, especially in the economy we are in. The first building was built during a recession and this one has also been built during a recession. Both were and are state-of-the-art at the time. I am very confident with what has been given to the community.”

Daniel said that for him, the hardest part is going to be seeing the wrecking ball hit the building. As a graduate of Hopewell-Loudon, he said he had a very sentimental attachment.

“After 70 years, I hope that we can have another great 70 years,” he said. “I hope my kids will have the same pride that I have had for the building.”

The Chieftain gym that was built in 1988 will remain as a third gym for students and the community to use.

Abdoo said excavators will get as close to the gym as possible and the final separation is to be done by hand.