Commissioners update hazmat plans

Coordinator Dave Gross of the Emergency Planning Committee presented the board with the revised hazardous materials plan at the Seneca County commissioners meeting Tuesday.

The plan is revised annually to reflect changes in contact numbers, buildings and maps. All facilities that have extremely hazardous chemicals must report those quantities to the state, and then the fire department and the Emergency Planning Committee take the reports to revise the hazmat plans.

Every four years, the committee is required by the state to organize a full-scale drill. This year, they utilized Heidelberg University to simulate a chemical spill.

The board approved the resolution.

The board also discussed maintenance of the County Services Building and the deteriorating outer wall. County Administrator Stacy Wilson said the estimate for replacing the stucco was about $66,000.She said other options to fix the wall range from $45,000 to $80,000.

Commissioner Fred Zoeller said in the past, a city wall has fallen down and damaged cars in a city parking lot.

“In light of potential liability issues, we better do something sooner rather than later,” he said.

Zoeller said he had several contractors coming in to give opinions on maintenance. He also said that although adding insulation would be more expensive, the county could get grant funding for the work.

The board is to look into options for construction and funding.

In public comment, Tom Breidenbach said the Seneca County Cemetery does not have a sign and residents do not know of its location. He said he has requested a sign from the past board, but it was never completed.

Commissioners said they would look into adding a sign to the current post.

Boy Scout Travis Gase and Troop 444 have started work on straightening gravestones in the cemetery.

Zoeller also said county applications for a neighborhood revitalization grant and a critical infrastructure grant were turned down.

He said grantors were to hold a seminar for entities that did not receive grants to help them improve future applications.

“I think we need to make a bigger deal out of it,” he said, “If you come to that seminar … and understand why (we) didn’t get it, so that when we reapply… (we’ve) got a much, much better chance of getting it next time.”

He offered to attend the seminar.

Zoeller also said the SR 53 coalition meeting with the North Central Ohio Regional Council of Government is to be rescheduled due to lack of information at this time.

In new business, the board approved:

An appropriation adjustment of $6,450 within the General Fund.

A fund transfer of $194,233.95 to be made to the Pavement Resurfacing Project.

A supplemental appropriation of $30,801.17 for the General Fund 2013.

A supplemental appropriation of $45,090 for the General Fund 2013.

An appropriation adjustment of $15,000 for the County Capital Projects Fund for 2013.

A supplemental appropriation of $1,850 for the Probate Special Projects Fund.

An appropriation adjustment of $766.94 for the Delinquent Care and Custody Fund.

An authorization of the amended IV-D service contract between the Seneca County Common Pleas Court I and Seneca County on behalf of the Seneca County Department of Job and Family Services.

An authorization to give the commissioners’ office staff signing authority for all administrative documents deemed necessary for the function of the commissioners office and maintenance.

A resolution terminating Samantha Brickner as intermediate maintenance worker effective July 23, 2013.

An authorization to allow Wilson to sign the supplemental lease agreement with USDA for the Farm Service Agency building lease, retroactive to Aug. 8.