Carey to see increase in electric rates

CAREY Carey residents will see a few more dollars zapped from their pockets in the coming years.

The village council approved having village administrator Roy Johnson work with Courtney & Associates, a public utilities consulting firm, to put into a 2 percent increase each year for the next four years to help offset the shortfalls the village is projected to see over the next four years.

The plan presented Monday presented two options. One would have seen a 3 percent increase over each of the next three years and a $350,000 decrease in the electric fund to cover shortages. The other option was a 2 percent increase over each of the next four years with a need of $700,000 from the electric fund balance to cover projected shortfalls.

Council Mike Blair was the most vocal on moving forward with the 2 percent increase versus the 3 percent increase, saying he didn’t want to see consumers pay anything more than necessary in this economic climate.

The tax will be based on kilowatt usage. For example, a resident with an $80 electric bill would see their bill increase to $86.40 on the 2 percent plan approved.

The 3 percent plan that was proposed would have only meant 80 cents more on that same bill, increasing it to $87.20 by the end of the three-year period.

The council approved a bid of $62,426 from M&B Ashphalt to handle some paving projects around town. They could begin as soon as next week and Johnson said there may be money left over to handle some other smaller projects around the village since they were projecting to spend around $74,000 originally.

The village also is looking into having 21 trees removed and 15 trees trimmed around the village and the council approved seeking bids to handle the work.

The council had its first reading of a vendors and solicitors ordinance. Under the new ordinance, companies will have to pay $25 for one person to solicit around town. It will be $50 for up to four people from the same company and $15 for each additional person after that. The permit is only good for 90 days. Local boosters and non-profits would not fall under this new ordinance.

The village approved putting a piece of property from the well field up for sale since the village doesn’t use it anymore. Two nearby businesses, Alpha Warehousing and CSP, are lone entities with access to the property. The property will be advertised for five weeks and then sealed bids would be opened after that.

The village continues to look into the replacement or repair of a 15-year-old bucket truck. Johnson presented the options of repair versus buying new and Blair asked that leasing options would be explored before the village put the outlay into a new truck. Johnson said he would look into it.

The next meeting is slated for Sept 16 at 7 p.m.