Attica Independent Fair results, Aug. 11

Framed Art

Oil: 1st and 2nd, Jack Frankart.

Watercolor: 1st, Michelle Miller, Attica.

Mixed Media: 1st and 2nd, Sarah Longbrake, Bloomville.

Pen/Ink: 1st, Sarah Longbrake.

Pencil: 1st, Michelle Miller; 2nd, Sarah Longbrake.

Best of Show: Jack Frankart with Oil Entry.

Photography, Snapshots


Black and White: 1st, Jada Deel; 2nd, Allie Smith, Attica.

Building/Structure: 2nd, Allie Smith.

Flowers/Plants: 1st, Alivia Lucius, Attica; 2nd, Allie Smith.

Portrait: 1t, Jada Deel; 2nd, Allie Smith.

Scenery: 1st, Allie Smith.

Still Life: 2nd, Allie Smith.

Animals/Birds: 1st, Jada Deel; 2nd, Allie Smith.


Animals/Birds: 1st, Kyle Vanderpool.

Portrait: 1st, Kyle Vanderpool; 2nd, Katelin Aichholz, Attica.


Animals/Birds: 1st, Katlyn Nagel, Attica; 2nd, Lisa Deel; Katlyn Nagel.

Black and White: 1st, Katlyn Nagel; 2nd, Tiffany Ruffing, Willard; Lindsay Vanderveen, Attica.

Building/Structure: 1st, Cody Daniel, Attica.

Flowers/Plants: 1st and 2nd, Katlyn Nagel.

Portrait: 1st, Katlyn Nagel; 2nd, Lindsay Vanderveen.

Scenery: 1st, Katlyn Nagel; 2nd, Evelyn Langjahr, Attica; Katlyn Nagel.

Still Life: 1st and 2nd, Katlyn Nagel.




Animals/Birds: 1st, Brayden Prenzlin; 2nd, Jada Deel.

Black and White: 1st, Jada Deel; 2nd, Kira Stanfield.

Portrait: 1st, Jada Deel; 2nd, Mallory Beamer.

Scenery: 1st, Brayden Prenzlin.


Animals/Birds: 1st, Kyle Vanderpool.

Black and White: 1st, Kyle Vanderpool.

Flowers/Plants: 1st, Katelin Aichholz.

Portrait: 2nd, Katelin Aichholz; Kyle Vanderpool.

Scenery: 1st, Katelin Aichholz; 2nd, Leah Longbrake.


Animals/Birds: 1st, Katlyn Nagel; 2nd, (2) Tami Staib, Tiffin.

Black and White: 1st, Katlyn Nagel; 2nd, Tami Staib; Lindsay Vanderveen, Attica.

Building/Structure: 1st, Tiffany Ruffing; 2nd, Lindsay Vanderveen.

Flowers/Plants: 1st and 2nd, Tami Staib.

Portrait: 1st, Katlyn Nagel; Tiffany Ruffing; 2nd, Katlyn Nagel; Lindsay Vanderveen.

Scenery: 1st, Lindsay Vanderveen; 2nd, Tami Staib.

Still Life: 1st, Tiffany Ruffing; 2nd, Katlyn Nagel.

Best of Show

Snapshots, Youth: Jada Deel; Adult: Katlyn Nagel.

Enlargement, Youth: Jada Deel; Teens: Katelin Aichholz; Adult: Lindsay Vanderveen.


Annual Flowers

Amaranthus: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Begonia Tuberous: 1st, Kirk Stanfield.

Cosma: 1st and 2nd, Eric Heyman.

Gladiolus: 1st and 2nd, Marilyn Kochel, Attica.

Marigolds, Dwarf: 1st, Lilly Schiefer.

Marigold, Large: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Money Plant: 1st, Evelyn Langjahr.

Pansy: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Petunia, Single: 1st, Lilly Schiefer; 2nd, Jane Wurm.

Salvia: 1st, Kira Stanfield.

Snapdragon, Dwarf: 1st, Jane Wurm, New Washington.

Zinnia, Pom Pom: 1st and 2nd, Marilyn Kochel.

Perennial Flowers

Astible: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Blackeye Susan: 1st, Alyssa Heiser; 2nd, Lilly Schiefer.

Cardinal Flower: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Chives: 1st, Rose Reer, Plymouth; 2nd, Kirk Stanfield.

Cone Flower: 1st, Kirk Stanfield.

Chrysanthemum: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Hardy Geranium: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Hibiscus: 1st, Kirk Stanfield.

Hollyhock: 1st, Aubrey Saylors, Attica; 2nd, Kirk Stanfield.

Hydrangea: 1st, Maxine Heyman; 2nd, Eric Heyman.

Lilly, Resurrection: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Lilly, Any Other Kind: 1st, Maxine Heyman; 2nd, Maxine Heyman; Lilly Schiefer.

Parsley: 1st, Rose Reer.

Phlox: 1st and 2nd, Eric Heyman.

Rose Hybrid Tea: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Rose Floribunda: 2nd, Kirk Stanfield.

Rose of Sharon: 1st, Kirk Stanfield; 2nd, Aubrey Saylors.

Sedum: 1st, Lilly Schiefer; 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Sweet Peas: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Tansy: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Vinva Vine: 1st, Kirk Stanfield.

Yarrow: 1st and 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Potted Plants

African Violet: 1st, Maxine Heyman; 2nd, Eric Heyman.

Coleus: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Geranium: 1st, Lilly Schiefer.

Hens and Chicks: 1st, Evelyn Langjahr; 2nd, Lilly Schiefer.

Ivy: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

House Plant in Animal Container: 1st, Maxine Heyman; 2nd, Kirk Stanfield.

Floral Arrangements

Poultry: 1st, Eric Heyman; 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Sheep: 1st, Maxine Heyman; 2nd, Eric Heyman.

Horse Pen: 1st, Eric Heyman.

Pigs: 1st, Eric Heyman; 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Ducks: 1st, Lilly Schiefer; 2nd, Kira Stanfield.

Dwarf Rabbit: 1st, Kira Stanfield; 2nd, Lilly Schiefer.

Best of Show

Annuals: Marilyn Kochel.

Perennials: Maxine Heyman.

Potted Plants: Maxine Heyman.

Floral Arrangements: Maxine Heyman.

Youth Floral Arrangement: Lilly Schiefer.


1st, Garden Club, Attica.

Farm Produce


Cobbler: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Norland: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Kennebec: 1st, Joseph Reer.


Early Girl: 1st, Harold Beat, Attica.

Big Boy: 1st, Kyle Vanderpool.

Any Yellow: 1st, Kirk Stanfield.

Any Other Variety: 1st, Harold Beat; Kelly Bordner, Attica.

Cherry Tomato: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Any Other Cluster: 1st, Maxine Heyman.


Yellow: 1st, Evan Schiefer; 2nd, Kelly Bordner.

White: 1st, Jane Wurm; 2nd, Evan Schiefer.

Any Other Variety: 1st, Jane Wurm.


Straight Neck: 1st, Kirk Stanfield; 2nd, Harold Beat.

Zucchini: 1st, Evan Schiefer; 2nd, Kyle Vanderpool.

Spaghetti: 1st, Kelly Bordner.


Bi-Colored Sweet Corn: 1st, Harold Beat; 2nd, Marilyn Kochel.


Burpless: 1st, Evan Schiefer; 2nd, Joseph Reer.

Slicing Size: 1st, Rick Cassidy.

Any Other Cucumber: 1st, Kirk Stanfield.


Bell: 1st, Evan Schiefer; 2nd, Kyle Vanderpool.

Sweet Banana: 1st, Lisa Heiser.

Jalapeno: 1st Lisa Heiser.

Any Other Variety: 1st, Kelly Bordner.


Green: 1st, Kelly Bordner; 2nd, Jane Wurm.

Yellow: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Any Other Beans: 1st, Kirk Stanfield.

Peas: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Baby Lima, Dried: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Root Vegetables

Red Beets: 1st, Jane Wurm; 2nd, Kelly Bordner.


Early: 1st, Evan Schiefer.

Late: 1st, Evan Schiefer.

Red: 2nd, Jane Wurm.


Broccoli: 1st, Evan Schiefer.

Leaf Lettuce: 1st, Evan Schiefer.

Rhubarb: 1st, Jane Wurm; 2nd, Maxine Heyman.

Celery: 1st, Marilyn Kochel; 2nd, Jane Wurm.


Gourds: 1st, Rose Reer.


Grapes: 1st and 2nd, Eric Heyman.

Apples: 1st, Jane Wurm.

Pears: 1st, Maxine Heyman.

Berries: 1st, Jane Wurm; 2nd, Rose Reer.

Any Other Variety: 2nd, Jane Wurm.

Field Crops, Previous Year

Corn: 1st, Evan Schiefer.

Soybeans: 1st, Evan Schiefer.

Field Corn Stalks:1st, Lisa Heiser; 2nd, Kurtis Reichert, Attica; Evan Schiefer.

Soybean Stalks: 1st, Lisa Heiser; 2nd, Kurtis Reichert; Evan Schiefer.

Largest/Oddest Vegetables

Heaviest Zucchini: 1st, Joseph Reer; 2nd, Lilly Schiefer.

Heaviest Any Other Squash: 1st, Harold Beat; 2nd, Kelly Bordner.

Longest Cucumber: 1st, Lilly Schiefer; 2nd, Marilyn Kochel.

Longest Ear Field Corn, Previous Year: 1st, Lisa Heiser.


Gentleman: 1st, Eric Heyman; 2nd, Evan Schiefer.

Vegetable Heads

Mr. Potato Head, Ages to 11: 1st, Evan Schiefer; 2nd, Lilly Schiefer.

Mr. Squash Head, Ages 12-18: 1st, Kira Stanfield.

Mr. Zucchini Head, Adults: 1st, Rafaela Stanfield; 2nd, Niki Schiefer; Kyle Vanderpool.

Best of Show

Potatoes: Jane Wurm.

Onions: Jane Wurm.

Squash: Evan Schiefer.

Cucumbers: Kirk Stanfield.

Peppers: Evan Schiefer.

Beans and Peas: Kelly Bordner.

Other Vegetables: Marilyn Kochel.

Fruits: Eric Heyman.

Field Crops: Lisa Heiser.