2 districts get new leaders this year

There will be two new faces for Seneca East Local Schools and Lakota Local Schools as they start the new school year today.

Laura Kagy and Jon Detwiler are coming in as new superintendents for the districts, each having begun their educational careers as teachers.

Kagy is to join the administrative team of Seneca East, replacing Michael Wank. Kagy came from Clyde-Green Springs Exempted Village Schools, where she served as interim superintendent.

She said she has lived in the area for years, and her children have gone to Seneca East and thought that it would be the best fit for her and her family.

“The staff has made it a smooth transition for me,” Kagy said. “The work really hasn’t changed, just the venue.”

Kagy began in the Tiffin City Schools District as a teacher and then as a building principal. She then moved to Clyde as a principal and from there moved to the central office.

“Each position has its rewarding qualities,” she said. “As a teacher, you get to see the children’s faces and see how they are impacted, where as a principal you see how the building as a whole is impacted.”

For Seneca East, Kagy said that there isn’t much to change, just to work in implementing the new education initiatives in Ohio, such as common core standards, teacher evaluation systems and online testing.

“Seneca East is to also begin implementing the 1-1 initiative, where students in grades 9-12 are to receive Think Pads for their classes,” Kagy said. “The students will be able to access their textbooks from the technology and at some point they will be able to begin to submit assignments electronically.”

So far Kagy said she has been able to meet a few parents and students at open houses.

“It is important to get out there and meet the community,” Kagy said.

Detwiler has been involved in education for 23 years. He began as a science teacher for Fremont City Schools at Otis Elementary and at Fremont Middle School. He later became the assistant principal for the middle school and then the principal at McPherson Elementary School in Clyde.

Detwiler said he was ready for the change and thought the best change would be to go to Lakota as the district’s superintendent.

“I always wanted to be a superintendent of a district, and living in the area, I knew Lakota was the best choice for me,” Detwiler said.

With living in the area, Detwiler said he was able to vote for the levy for the new building that was built in 2011.

“For the district, I hope to bring a positive energy,” Detwiler said. “I hope to continue the increasing academic scores and to take advantage of the great programs and staff and to provide a step up for success.”

Detwiler said he plans to go out into the community and get to know the families and students and to explore what is next.