Tornado leaves damage in Liberty Township

KANSAS – Faith Marshall described Monday night’s tornado as probably one of the scariest things she ever has been through.

Marshall and her family, including Paul Miller and their 7-year-old son Alex Miller, were displaced from their trailer at 5287 TR 36 in Liberty Township. American Red Cross was summoned to assist them after the roof of the residence was ripped off.

Marshall said she was thankful her family all was alive.

“It could’ve been a lot worse,” she said.

Marshall and Alex were watching television when Alex told her to look at the trees. The wind started blowing hard, and a camper outside of their residence started shaking and eventually flipped. They went into a bedroom where Paul was spending time, and they heard glass breaking.

Marshall recalled dropping to the floor and covering her son. She said she thought the trailer was going to take them with it.

She said the storm was over so fast she could not believe it happened. She could not see to get into the trailer.

“There’s trees all over,” she said.

The storm took out two pine trees, and one pine tree fell on a cat. Paul sawed limbs to get the cat out, and the cat was safe but hiding, Marshall said.

An American Electric Power crew assisted at the scene.

“It ripped the electric out,” Marshall said.

A neighbor also was affected by the tornado.

Steve Schwab, who lives at 5233 W. TR 36, said he and his wife, Sue, were watching the Cleveland Indians on television and did not hear anything. There were no sirens and no alerts on television until after it was over, he said.

He recalled the wind was blowing the trees.

“(The) front door blew open,” he said.

Schwab said he walked outside and surveyed the damage.

Their patio furniture that had been on the deck and a paddle boat were blown out into a cornfield, and their neighbor’s truck cap was blown into their pond. The tops were taken off of trees, a gutter was damaged and a flag pole was snapped.