Sirens mean take cover, then get info

The best plan of action if sirens go off is to take shelter and then find out the issue.

According to Dan Stahl, director of the Seneca County Emergency Management Agency, outdoor sirens area used to indicate severe weather.

“They do not necessarily mean that there is a tornado, but it is a possibility,” Stahl said.

The sirens let residents know to get information from local media, such as The Advertiser-Tribune’s web page or social media pages, television or radio.

Tiffin and the county are on different systems. Typically, the EMA will use sirens only in areas that are affected, such as when the tornado occurred in Kansas, Ohio, Monday.

So when the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning, sirens will sound only in the affected area.

For more information, contact Stahl at (419) 447-0266 ext. 10.