Signups open for fair turkey calling

Today and Tuesday are the last two days to sign up for the turkey-calling contest during the Seneca County Fair, according to the Seneca County Fair Board and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife.

An entry fee of $5 per contestant will be collected at signup and 75 percent of fees collected will be distributed as prize money.

The contest is to take place at 7:30 p.m. July 26 in the fair’s outdoors area.

Contestants are to be broken into four age divisions: poults, ages 10 and younger; juniors, ages 11-15; intermediate, ages 16-20; and seniors, ages 21 and older.

Each contestant is to perform five calls – a plain yelp of a hen, a cutting of an excited hen, a fly down cackle, 20 seconds of any wild turkey calls and a gobble call.

Contestants may use any style of call they prefer (friction or mouth) or any combination.

Judges are to assign a score to each of the four calls performed, taking into account the sound authenticity of the call.

One prize will be awarded to the highest-scoring contestant in each age group.

For more information, call the fair office at (419) 447-7888.