Shooting victim loved her family, niece says

FOSTORIA – A family member of two women who were shot, one fatally, in Fostoria over the weekend described the situation as tragic and said it did not have to happen.

Tracy Franklin of Fostoria said she is keeping her thoughts and prayers with the family and said the family needs to stick together.

“They were (wonderful women),” she said.

The shooting at 245 Bannister St. was reported to Fostoria Police Department about 1:30 p.m. Sunday.

Lisa Stowers, 50, and her daughter, Tyeesha Ferguson, 36, were shot in a Pontiac car that was parked in the front driveway. Lisa was pronounced dead at the scene, and Tyeesha was taken by Life Flight to The Toledo Hospital.

Fostoria Police Department learned Tyeesha was breathing on her own and was responsive Monday morning, Capt. Patrick Brooks of Fostoria Police Department said.

Brianna Ferguson, Lisa’s niece from Toledo, said there were three people in the car. Danielle Stowers, Lisa’s youngest daughter, escaped the shots.

“She got out (of) the car and ran,” she said.

The suspect, Calvin Dixson, 37, was arrested on 143rd Street in Cleveland Monday.

Franklin, Lisa’s cousin, said her family members don’t like to be looking over their shoulders, and the family was joyful and relieved law enforcement had caught him.

“I was like, ‘Yes.’ Get him off the street,” she said.

Brooks said Tyeesha has had a civil protection order against Dixson, her estranged boyfriend.

Franklin said Tyeesha tried to have no contact with Dixson, who was threatening her and her family. She said she only knows Dixson’s name and does not know him personally.

“They were broken up. Her mom was just coming here to visit,” she said.

Franklin said Tyeesha lived with her great-grandmother in her great-grandmother’s home, and Tyeesha was her primary caregiver. Tyeesha was not obligated to take care of her great-grandmother but did it, she said.

“She (gets) along with anybody. I hope she gets better,” she said.

Franklin said Lisa, who was outgoing, had lived in Fostoria years ago and spent most of her life there. She moved several years ago and lived in Springfield. She was visiting with her family the day of the shooting and had been there a few weeks earlier as well.

“She definitely loved her family,” Brianna said.

Brianna stopped by the house Tuesday after organizing a memorial to be erected there. She said she was happy people came and left items.

“This is what they do (in Toledo) when people pass away. I’m happy that people weren’t (distant) in this situation,” she said.

Brianna said she was with Tyeesha at the hospital Monday.

“She got shot seven times. She survived,” she said.

Pam Cooper, a neighbor on Bannister Street, contributed two bears to the memorial site. She had heard the shooting and said the neighborhood has been known for gunshots. She arrived at the scene after the suspect was gone, or about a minute after the shooting had occurred, and said she saw the aftermath of what he left behind.

Cooper said what she saw makes her sick.

“It haunts me. I felt helpless ’cause I couldn’t do more,” she said.