Seneca County Fair Results

Prefair judging


Rockets Away, 2 Liter Bottle: 1st, Trenton Horner, Blue Ribbon Buckeyes; 2nd, Austin Weaver, Sew Sharp; 3rd, Alex Theis, Eden Jr. Farmers; Honorable Mention: Matt Chappell, Republic Rowdy Rednecks.

Fun with Flight: 1st, Luke Graham, Seneca Helping Hands; 2nd, Brandon Gebauer, 4-H Guys & Gals.

Rockets Away, Estes Type: 1st, Brandon Gebauer.

Robotics, Level 1, NeXt Technology: 1st, Christina Park, Blue Ribbon Buckeyes; 2nd, Dylan Stultz, Buckeye Clover Bunch.

Robotics 2, NeXt Steps: 1st, Wyatt Cook, Bloomville Busy Beavers.


1st, Brandon Best, Republic Rowdy Rednecks; 2nd, Jessica Nye, Fightin’ 4-H’ers; 3rd, Nicole Elchert, Blue Ribbon Buckeyes; Honorable Mention: Sophie Norman, Kids, Pigs and Udders.


Focus on Photography: 1st, Michelle Wilfong, Seneca Pens and Friends; 2nd, Alaina Hayes, Blue Ribbon Buckeyes; 3rd, Lydia Hoepf, Bloomville Beef & Feeders; Honorable Mention: Sydney Hohman, Fightin’ 4-H’ers; Nathan Boes, Seneca CPA’s; Madison Shaull, Doggon’its.

Controlling the Image: 1st, Cara Brown, Cloverleaf Kings and Queens; 2nd, Mary Beth Miller, Kids, Pigs and Udders.

Mastering Photography: 1st, Alijah Fuller, Clinton Farmers; 2nd, Shelby Ball, Seneca Survivors.

Creative Writing: 1st, Theresa Barger, Victory 4-H; 2nd, Jeremiah Miller, Kids, Pigs and Udders; 3rd, Lynette Kelbley, Sew Sharp; Honorable Mention: Casey Prenzlin, Seneca Helping Hands; Amanda Davidson, 4-H Guys and Gals; Nicholas Gaietto, Clinton Farmers.

Set the Stage: 1st, Colby Miller, Buckeye Clover Bunch.

Get Started in Art: 1st, Leanne Tiell, Fightin’ 4-H’ers; 2nd, Hannah Watson, Town and Country Critters; 3rd, Bailey Reinhart, Fightin’ 4-H’ers; Honorable Mention, Olivia Kramer, Blue Ribbon Buckeyes.

Becoming a Puppeteer: 1st, Hannah Watson; 2nd, Ashley Brickner, Seneca Pens and Friends.


Let’s Explore the Outdoors I: 1st, Emma Heiserman, Sew Sharp; 2nd, Sarina Yambert, Town and Country Critters.

Exploring Our Forests: 1st, Dakota Laughlin, Attica Dairy.

Tree Planting: 1st, Samantha Elchert, New Riegel Rawhides and Woolies.

Why Trees Matter: 1st, Rachel Faber, Seneca Pens and Pals; 2nd, Tyler Fedele, Seneca CPA’s.

Ohio Birds: 1st, Brayden Prenzlin, 4-H Guys and Gals; 2nd, Sophie Norman.

Fishing for the Beginner: 1st, Adam Sendelbach, Seneca CPA’s; 2nd, Brandon Boes, Seneca CPA’s; 3rd, Seth Biglin, Attica Dairy; Honorable Mention: Issac Ward, Eden Jr. Farmers; 2nd, Bryce Gebauer, 4-H Guys and Gals; Jon Margraf, Republic Rowdy Rednecks; Caroline Dye, Hopewell-Loudon Hog and Dairy.

Fishing for the Intermediate: 1st, Alex Byrne, 4-H Guys and Gals.

Safe Use of Guns: 1st, Kaylie Winget, 4-H Guys and Gals; 2nd, Cate Frankart, Fightin’ 4-H’ers; 3rd, Alex Byrne; Honorable Mention: Lydia Zamora, Seneca Helping Hands; Grant Theis, Eden Jr. Farmers; Molly Cleveland, Spirit of ’76.

Archery: 1st, Jake Margraf, Republic Rowdy Rednecks; 2nd, Ethan Oswalt, Seneca CPA’s; 3rd, Dannah Smith, Seneca Helping Hands; Honorable Mention: Luke Graham; Kyle Hoepf, Roots and Wings; Brandon Seifert, Fightin’ 4-H’ers.

Exploring Insect World I: 1st, Jon Margraf.

Exploring Insect World II: 1st, Heather Riedlinger, Clinton Farmers.

Shooting Sports, Shotgun: 1st, Quinton Taylor, Buckeye Clover Bunch.

Discovering 4-H

1st, Kurt Robinson, Spirit of ’76; 2nd, Amilia Knisely, Seneca CPA’s.


Magic of Electricity: 1st, Garrett McCoy, Hopewell-Loudon Hog and Dairy; 2nd, Cole Watson, Town and Country Critters; 3rd, Aidan Wilson, Thompson Toilers; Honorable Mention: Heath Hamer, Spirit of ’76.

Wired for Power: 1st, Nathan Boes.

Science Fun and Electricity: 1st, Gwen Johnston, Cloverleaf Kings and Queens; 2nd, Alex Priddy, Spirit of ’76.

Family life

Family History Treasure Hunt: 1st, Alix Siemer, Sew Sharp; 2nd, Maria Faber, Seneca Pens and Friends; 3rd, Jozie Hickman, Sew Sharp; Honorable Mention: Destony Severs, Sew Sharp.

Field crops

1st, Alec Zimmerman, Clinton Farmers; 2nd, Jacob Zimmerman, Clinton Farmers.


Becoming Money Wise: 1st, Ryan Shock; 2nd, Abby Stultz.

Money Fundamentals: 1st, Ethan Marks, 4-H Guys and Gals.

Money Moves: 1st, Jena Huffman.

Teens on the Road to Financial Success: 1st, Samantha Krintzline.