Houses lose roofs in storm

Several area houses suffered the loss of their roofs when a storm tore through the area Wednesday.

George and Michelle Trapp’s two-story house at 262 Eighth Ave. lost its roof and suffered rafter damage in the storm. Michelle said she and her husband had lived there for 10 years.

Michelle said her 16-year-old old was in the basement, but the dogs would not go down there.

“They were scared,” she said.

She said her son heard a boom, the electricity went off and there was a flash. The neighbors called the police when the roof blew off, she said.

“Every neighbor has called me. (The police) took (my son) out of the basement,” she said.

Michelle said the entire main roof was gone, and what wasn’t blown off fell into the second floor.

“There’s brick damage,” she said.

Michelle, who was at work in Fremont during the storm, said the family was going to be at Walnut Grove Campground in their camper.

“Thank God,” she said.

In Republic, the house at 306 E. Jefferson St. was surrounded by tree limbs and debris.

“We’re all safe. Nobody was hurt,” said Pat Perkins, a resident.

Perkins said the home, which is more than 100 years old, was brick and had been added onto. The storm took off the roof of the front porch and the roof over the kitchen. About a third of the rest of the roof also was ripped off, and water was pouring in the kitchen.

“My kids were home,” she said.

The family planned to stay at Quality Inn for the night, and the Red Cross was on its way.

“From there, I don’t know,” she said.

Perkins said family members could get what they needed out of the house. She said she did not know whether she would try to repair it.

“I love my house,” she said.

Daniel Brown, who rents the upstairs half of the house at 297 Greenfield St., Tiffin, didn’t realize a tree had fallen onto the residence until he was arriving home.

He said he was hoping his roommates and downstairs neighbors were alive. Nobody was injured, he said.

“Everyone’s fine,” he said.

Brown said his roommates live in the upper room where the tree fell on the house and were in the room when it happened. They ran out pretty quickly, he said.

The tree took down a telephone wire. Branches were pushed up against the house.

“It’s all just tree branches. I know (the tree is) partially rotted,” he said.

Brown said the bottom porch pretty much was crushed and probably will have to be replaced. He said he was not aware of any interior damage to the upper floor but the house suffered broken windows.

“There’s probably some roof damage. The (porch area’s) ceiling’s breaking in,” he said.