High water in Carey

A tornado that touched down Monday night, causing damage to a West TR 36 residence, was an F-0 tornado, Seneca County Emergency Management Director Dan Stahl said.

The F-0 tornado, which produced winds of 75 miles an hour, was on the low end of the tornado scale, Stahl said. The tornado, which caused most of its damage at 5287 W. TR 36, twisted off trees, blew the roof off a mobile home and overturned a camper. A nearby barn also lost its roof, Stahl said.

“As far as tornados go, it’s on the pretty low end of damage,” he said. “From the owners’ perspective, it was a lot of damage. For a tornado going through Seneca County, we’re in pretty good shape.”

Red Cross Emergency Services Director Ron Rooker said the family of three who lived at the residence was displaced by the tornado. He said the Red Cross provided short-term shelter and food.

While damage from the tornado was contained to West TR 36 Monday night, heavy rainfall caused damage in downtown Carey, flooding several streets Tuesday morning.

Carey Police officer Chad Kessler said streets that experienced high water included East Findlay, West, West South, High and Frederick streets.

South Vance Street to Clay Street was closed throughout the day because of high water, he said.

Some businesses were closed Tuesday due to the flooding, but no property damage had been reported as of Tuesday afternoon, he said.

Kessler said sand bags were set up Tuesday.

“The Snyder Park area was hit the hardest with the flooding,” Kessler said.

Heavy rainfall Tuesday evening also caused high water on Seneca County roadways. As of Tuesday evening, no roadways were closed.

“There’s a ton of water out there,” Stahl said.

He said drivers should be especially careful of the high water when driving during nighttime hours.

According to the National Weather Service, a flood warning for the Sandusky River remains in effect through Thursday afternoon.

Minor flooding is forecast and the river is expected to rise above flood stage of 9 feet to near 9.9 feet by this evening.

A flash flood watch also is in effect until this evening, according to the National Weather Service.