Green Springs discusses sewer/water systems, storm damage

GREEN SPRINGS – Green Springs residents are to have a button located on the outside of their homes to be used to read the electric meter. Changing the system will allow the meter to be read if the homeowner is not available.

John Miller, administrator, explained recent issues with the sewer system. Due to the sewer phase project, resident Doug Lee Sr. experienced trouble with backups and his sewer line. Miller recommended the board pay costs incurred.

Mayor Jesse Darr suggested bills be given to Miller for consideration. The sewer system inspection has been cancelled due to the recent storm.

The storm took its toll on the village. Lightning struck the water tower, causing extensive damage to the flow meter and the circuit board, which affected the water control system.

Downed trees resulted in the need for extra manpower hours. Wood chipping was ongoing for 3-4 days. Resweeping the streets took place once trees were chipped.

Police Chief Charlie Horne informed council members the slide has been sold for more than $3,000.00.

Darr removed Fiscal Officer Amanda Salinas from probation. Salinas is to earn $30,000-$31,200 annually.

Darr read the resignation of Catherine Miller.

In other business:

Electronic sign location tabled.

Dollar General waiting on annexation.

Astro Turf to be delivered to the batting cages.

Approved employee payroll, appropriation summary, fund summary, revenue summary and payment listing report for $35,682.78.