Fair results, July 24

Senior Fair


Grades 7-12, Black and White Snapshots

Portrait and Personalities: 1st and 2nd, Autumn Brady.

Domestic Pets: 1st and 2nd, Autumn Brady.

Flowers: 1st and 2nd, Autumn Brady.

Scenery (Buildings, Bridges, Etc.): 1st, Christian Huss; 2nd, Autumn Brady.

Scenery (Nature, Storms, Etc.): 1st and 2nd, Autumn Brady.

Transportation: 1st and 2nd, Autumn Brady.

Best of Show, Youth, Grades 7-12: Christian Huss with Scenery (Nature, Storms, Etc.) Entry.

Grades 6 and Under, Color Snapshots

Portraits and Personalities: 1st, Kassidy Reynolds; 2nd, Brayden Prenzlin.

Domestic Pets: 1st, Taylor Baxter; 2nd, Kassidy Reynolds.

Wildlife Animals: 1st, Taylor Baxter; 2nd, Brayden Prenzlin.

Insects: 1st, Kaylor Reynolds; 2nd, Brayden Prenzlin.

Flowers: 1st, Kaylor Reynolds; 2nd, Taylor Baxter.

Scenery (Buildings, Bridges, Etc.): 1st, Kaylor Reynolds; 2nd, Kassidy Reynolds.

Scenery (Nature, Storms, Etc.): 1st, Brayden Prenzlin; 2nd, Kaylor Reynolds.

Fair Enjoyment: 1st, Shyann Haubert, McCutchenville; 2nd, Kaylor Reynolds.

Transportation: 1st, Brayden Prenzlin; 2nd, Kaylor Reynolds.

Grades 6 and Under, Black and White Snapshots

Portraits and Personalities: 1st, Brayden Prenzlin.

Domestic Pets: 1st, Taylor Baxter; 2nd, Brayden Prenzlin.

Wildlife Animals: 1st, Brayden Prenzlin.

Flowers: 1st, Taylor Baxter; 2nd, Brayden Prenzlin.

Best of Show, Grades 6 and Under: Taylor Baxter with Domestic Pets Entry.

Digital Photography Manipulated

Portraits and Personalities: 1st and 2nd, Aimee Beisner.

Domestic Pets: 1st, Judith Endsley; 2nd, Vicki Kimmet.

Wildlife animals: 1st, Judith Endsley.

Insects: 1st, Judith Endsley.

Flowers: 1st, Judith Endsley.

Scenery (Buildings, Bridges, Etc.): 1st, Sally Stinchcomb; 2nd, Judith Endsley.

Scenery (Nature, Storms, Etc.): 1st, Jena Stearns; 2nd, Autumn Brady.

Fair Enjoyment: 1st, Judith Endsley.

Transportation: 1st, Wayne Gierke; 2nd, Judith Endsley.

Best of Show, Digital Manipulated: Wayne Gierke with Transportation Entry.

Seneca Attractions

Cemeteries: 1st, Lisa Zellner, Sycamore.

Homemade Beer/Wine


Light Lager: 1st, Dan Beisner, Tiffin; 2nd, Anthony Hammer, Fostoria; 3rd, John Gabel, New Riegel.

Dark Lager: 1st, Dan Beisner; 2nd, John Gabel.

English and American Pale Ale and IPA: 1st, Dan Beisner; 2nd, Anthony Hammer; 3rd, John Gabel.

American or English Brown and Red Ale: 1st, Anthony Hammer; 2nd, Dan Beisner.

Porter and Stout-Style: 1st, Anthony Hammer; 2nd, Dan Beisner.

Wheat and Rye Beer: 1st, Dan Beisner.

Scottish, Belgian and Sour Ales and Specialty Beers: 1st, Dan Beisner; 2nd, John Gabel.

Best of Show: Dan Beisner with Scottish, Belgian and Sour Ales and Specialty Beers.


Red Dry Grape: 1st, Bryan Riedlinger, Tiffin; 2nd, Ray Weasner, Bloomville; 3rd, Anthony Hammer.

Red Dry Non-Grape: 1st, Anthony Hammer; 2nd, Ray Weasner; 3rd, Bill Reinhart, Alvada.

White Dry Grape: 1st, Sharon Nagy, Port Clinton; 2nd, Scott Nagy, Port Clinton; 3rd, Ray Weasner.

White Dry Non-Grape: 1st, Bill Reinhart; 2nd, Scott Nagy; 3rd, Ray Weasner.

Rose: 1st, Ray Weasner; 2nd, Scott Nagy; 3rd, John Schumm, Tiffin.

Red Sweet Grape: 1st, Bill Reinhart; 2nd, John Schumm; 3rd, Scott Nagy.

Red Sweet Non-Grape: 1st, Sharon Nagy; 2nd, Jim Weiker, Republic; 3rd, Eric Russell, Bascom.

White Sweet Grape: 1st, Sharon Nagy; 2nd, Scott Nagy; 3rd, Josh Schumm, Tiffin.

White Sweet Non-Grape: 1st, Ray Weasner; 2nd, Scott Nagy; 3rd, Curt Bumb, New Riegel.

Red Dessert Grape: 1st, Curt Bumb; 2nd, Bill Reinhart; 3rd, Scott Nagy.

Red Dessert Non-Grape: 1st, Clara Brickner, Fostoria; 2nd, John Schumm; 3rd, Bryan Riedlinger.

Sparkling Red: 1st, Scott Nagy; 2nd, Sharon Nagy.

Sparkling White: 1st, Scott Nagy; 2nd, Sharon Nagy.

Vegetable: 1st, Curt Bumb; 2nd, Sharon Nagy; 3rd, Ray Weasner.

Best of Show: Sharon Nagy with White Sweet Grape (Niagara); 2nd, Ray Weasner with White Sweet Non-Grape (Peach).

Junior Fair

Junior Fair Awards

King and Queen

King Michael Lasky, son of Tom and Kathy Lasky, Eden Dairy 4-H Club.

Queen Sarah Faber, daughter of Jim and Elaine Faber, New Riegel Rawhides and Woolies 4-H Club.

1st Runner Up King: Kyle Thom, son of Steve and Christine Thom, Sentinel FFA.

1st Runner Up Queen: Bridgett Stallard, daughter of Darin Stallard and Dennisa Parrott, Eden Jr. Hoppers 4-H Club.

Queen’s Court: Deon Morter, daughter of Del and Donna Morter, Eden Jr. Farmers 4-H Club; Jamie Dunlap, daughter of Jim and Amy Dunlap, Eden Dairy 4-H Club.

I Dare You Awards: Lindsay Daniel, Eden Dairy; Carrie Coleman, New Riegel Rawhides and Woolies; Deon Morter; Sarah Parker, McCutchenville Wide-Awake.

4-H Advisory Scholarship: Lindsay Daniel; Carrie Coleman.

Home Economics Jr. Leadership: Theresa Barger, Victory 4-H.

Friends of 4-H: Kim Bishop; Elissa Heal; Jerome Miller; Cindy Scherger; Tiffin Rotary Foundation, Bryan Zimmerman.

Jr. Fair Volunteer of the Year Awards: Jerry Boes; Lonnie Fitch; Steve Williams.

Beef Breeding


Junior Heifer Calf: 1st, Kylie Hemchak, Thompson Toilers; 2nd, Casey Wagner, Seneca East FFA.

Junior Yearling Heifer: 1st and 2nd, Casey Wagner; 3rd, Emily Young, Animals R Us.

Senior Yearling Heifer: 1st, Jacob Breidenbach, Hopewell-Loudon Hog and Dairy.

Cow: 1st, Kylie Hemchak; 2nd, Casey Wagner.

Champion: Jared Breidenbach; Reserve: Kylie Hemchak.


Junior Yearling Heifer: 1st, Dustin Derr, Circle E Beef.

Champion: Dustin Derr.


Champion: Heath Hamer, Spirit of ’76.

Polled Hereford

Champion: Heath Hamer.


Junior Yearling Heifer: 1st, Katie Vogel, Eden Dairy.

Bull Calf: 1st, Forrest Gurney, Spirit of ’76.

Champion: Katie Vogel.


Senior Heifer Calf: 1st, Theresa Sours, Seneca County Jr. Beef.

Junior Yearling Heifer: 1st, Jared Clark, Attica Dairy.

Cow: 1st, Jared Clark.

Bull Calf: 1st, Jared Clark.

Champion: Theresa Sours; Reserve: Jared Clark.


Junior Heifer Calf: 1st, Zackery Warner, Spirit of ’76; 2nd, Molly Cleveland, Old Fort FFA; 3rd, Emma Gurney, Attica Dairy; 4th, Kylie Hemchak; 5th, Matthew Warner, Spirit of ’76.

Junior Yearling Heifer: 1st, Allison King, Circle E Beef; 2nd, Molly Cleveland.

Summer Yearling Heifer: 1st, Brendon Palmer, Seneca County Jr. Farmers; 2nd, Gavin Manning, Circle E.

Senior Yearling Heifer: 1st, Andrew Brodman, Clinton Farmers; 2nd, Kara Brodman, Clinton Farmers.

Cow: 1st, Jared Clark.

Bull Calf: 1st, Jared Clark.

Champion: Allison King; Reserve: Zackery Warner.

Champion Beef Female: Allison King; Reserve: Theresa Sours.


Junior: 1st, Allison King; 2nd, Kylie Hemchak; 3rd, Dustin Derr.

Intermediate: 1st, Jake Breidenbach; 2nd, Gavin Manning; 3rd, Andrew Brodman.

Senior: 1st, Theresa Sours; 2nd, Molly Cleveland; 3rd, Heath Hamer.

Super: 1st, Allison King; 2nd, Theresa Sours; 3rd, Jake Breidenbach.


Pullets Champion: Tyler Turek, Bloomville Good Luck Sheep; Reserve: Erika Shock, Bloomville Good Luck Sheep; 3rd, Kayleen England, Bloomville Good Luck Sheep; 4th, Audrey Buskirk, Clinton Farmers; 5th, Matt Bland, Sentinel FFA.

Layers Champion: Lauren Buskirk, Clinton Farmers; Reserve: Wyatt Price, Eden Jr. Farmers; 3rd, Genna Elchert, New Riegel Rawhides and Woolies; 4th, Levi Galloway, Seneca Pens and Friends; 5th, Jay Shock, Bloomville Good Luck Sheep.

Breeding Ducks Champion: Morgan England, Bloomville Good Luck Sheep; Reserve: Tyler Turek; 3rd, Latasha Nye, New Riegel Rawhides and Woolies; 4th, Erika Shock; 5th, Nikki Morter, Eden Jr. Farmers.

Ducks Champion: Tyler Turek.

Breeding Turkeys Champion: Sophia Norman, Kids, Pigs and Udders.

Fancy Champion: Corey Andrews, Spirit of ’76; Reserve: Catherine Klopp, Eden Jr. Farmers; 3rd, Corey Andrews; 4th, Tyler Turek; 5th, Eli Heal, Roots and Wings.

Miscellaneous Poultry Champion: Skyler Walker (Pheasant), Bloomville Good Luck Sheep; Reserve: Eli Heal (Pigeons); 3rd, Skyler Walker (Quail).

Meat Pen Champion: Matt Webb, Spirit of ’76; Reserve: Grant Gosche, Hopewell-Loudon Hog and Dairy; 3rd, Elaina Gosche, Hopewell-Loudon Hog and Dairy; 4th, Mitchell Brown, Eden Dairy; 5th, Jamie Dunlap, Eden Dairy.

Meat Ducks Champion: Bryana Riedlinger, Clinton Farmers; Reserve: Levi Galloway; 3rd, Christen Elchert, New Riegel Rawhides and Woolies; 4th, Heather Riedlinger, Clinton Farmers; 5th, Devin Nye, New Riegel Rawhides and Woolies.

Meat Turkeys Champion: Cassandra Biedrzycki, Thompson Toilers; Reserve: Elliott Hoepf, Republic Country Kids; 3rd, Alexa Hammer, Thompson Toilers; 4th, Reed Warnement, Kids, Pigs and Udders; 5th, Nathan Oney, Thompson Toilers.

Eggs Champion: Sarah Parker, McCutchenville Wide Awake; Reserve: Brooklynn Montgomery, Thompson Toilers; 3rd, Lauren Buskirk; 4th, Amanda Davidson, 4-H Guys and Gals; 5th, Levi Galloway.

Meat Geese Champion: Nicholas Theis, Eden Jr. Farmers; Reserve: Taylor Michaels, Jolly Workers; 3rd, Natalie Michaels, Jolly Workers; 4th, Cade Reichert, Republic Rowdy Rednecks.


Junior: 1st, Elijah Heal, Roots and Wings; 2nd, Brooklynn Montgomery; 3rd, Jay Shock; 4th, Austin England, Bloomville Good Luck Sheep; 5th, Lillyanne Jones, Clinton Farmers.

Intermediate: 1st, Brad Rine, Spirit of ’76; 2nd, Madison Norman, Kids, Pigs and Udders; 3rd, Bre Heal, Roots and Wings; 4th, Brandon Best, Republic Rowdy Rednecks; 5th, Thomas Lynch, Seneca County Jr. Farmers.

Senior: 1st, Mitchell Brown; 2nd, Kelsey Rine, Spirit of ’76; 3rd, Matt Webb; 4th, Corey Andrews; 5th, Levi Galloway.

Super: 1st, Mitchell Brown.

Senior fair

Agricultural Hall of Recognition: Alice Luhring, Melmore; and George Cramer, Tiffin.



Hand-Built, Coil Slab, Free Form: 1st and 2nd, Elizabeth Humphrey, Fostoria.

Dry Brushing: 1st, Diann Gray, Fostoria.

Adult Hobbies,


Cups and Saucers: 1st, Cindy Oberholtzer, Tiffin.

Spoons: 1st, June Obarr, Fostoria.

Household Items: 1st, Madelyn Smith, Tiffin.

Animals: 1st, Jessica E. Lang, Tiffin.

Figurines: 1st, Madelyn Smith.

Cards: 1st, June Obarr.

Miniature Items: 1st, Sandra Huffman, Tiffin.

Miscellaneous: 1st, Jean Haren, Tiffin; 2nd, June Obarr.

Youth Hobbies,


Animal Collection: 1st, Lindsay Orians, Alvada; 2nd, Ali Crouch, Tiffin.

Dolls: 1st, Lindsay Orians.

Lego Collection Display: 1st, Ryan Miller, Green Springs.

Trading Cards: 1st, Brad Haren, Tiffin.

Miniature Cars/Trucks: 1st, Brad Haren.

Miscellaneous Items: 1st, Myles Miller, Green Springs; 2nd, Brad Haren.


Woodworking, Toys: 1st and 2nd, Richard Bollenbacher, Bellevue.

Woodcarving, Under 18: 2nd, Autumn Brady, Bloomville.

Miscellaneous Crafts

Decorated Bird House: 2nd, Emily Gilliland, McCutchenville.

Wreaths: 1st, Rita Yost, Fostoria; 2nd, Emily Gilliland.

Flower Arrangements (Dried/Silk): 1st, Emily Gilliland; 2nd, Judith Endsley, Marion.

Basketweaving: 2nd, Shelby Reinhart, Tiffin.

Holiday Decorations: 1st, Emily Gilliland; 2nd, Diann Gray.

Wall Hangings: 1st, Margaret A. Kastner, Tiffin; 2nd, Emily Gilliland.

Original Other: 1st, Andrea Smidutz, Tiffin; 2nd, Rita Yost.

Scrapbooks: 1st, Autumn Brady; 2nd, Elizabeth Buko-Kiesel, Bloomville.

Trash to Treasure: 1st, Janine Riedlinger, Tiffin; 2nd, Autumn Brady.

Best Wreath: Rita Yost with Fishing Wreath Entry.

Best Flower Arrangement: Emily Gilliland with Small Barrel Arrangement.



Silver: 1st, Tonia Hoffert, Bloomville.

Brass: 1st, William Shuey, Tiffin.


Earthenware: 1st, Cindy Oberholtzer, Tiffin; 2nd, Madelyn Smith.

Fine China: 1st, Cindy Oberholtzer.


Pressed: 1st, June Obarr; 2nd, Madelyn Smith.

Blown: 1st, Madelyn Smith.

Milk Glass: 1st, Tonia Hoffert.

Bottles: 1st, Tonia Hoffert.


Toys: 1st, Tonia Hoffert; 2nd, Madelyn Smith.

Tools: 1st, William Shuey; 2nd, Tonia Hoffert.

Books: 1st, Mary Steinhauser, Tiffin; 2nd, June Obarr.

Housewares: 1st, Madelyn Smith; 2nd, Tonia Hoffert.

Postcards: 1st, June Obarr

Miscellaneous Paper Goods: 1st, June Obarr.

Any Seneca County Item: 1st, June Obarr.

Any Not Listed: 1st, June Obarr.



Pressed: 1st, Mary Steinhauser.

Tiffin Glass: 1st, Tonia Hoffert.


Pottery: 1st, Mary Steinhauser; 2nd, Tonia Hoffert.


Advertisements: 1st, Tonia Hoffert; 2nd, June Obarr.

Toys: 1st, Tonia Hoffert; 2nd, Jane Staib, New Riegel.

Any Not Listed: 1st, Mary Steinhauser; 2nd, Mike Obarr, Fostoria.

Seneca County Fair Memorabilia

Oldest Fairbook: 1st, Tonia Hoffert; 2nd, Janet Parkhurst, Clyde.

Scrapbooks: 1st, Shannon Crouch, Tiffin; 2nd, Ali Crouch.

Oldest Membership Ticket: 3rd, June Obarr.

Oldest Photograph Taken on Fairgrounds: 1st, Tonia Hoffert.

Collection of Ribbons: 1st, June Obarr; 2nd, David Hoover, Tiffin.

Oldest 4-H Related Item: 1st, June Obarr.

Miscellaneous: 1st, Tonia Hoffert; 2nd, June Obarr.

Best of Show: Tonia Hoffert with Oldest Photograph Taken on Fairgrounds Entry.



Crib Quilt, Appliqued or Pieced: 1st, Karen Decker, Tiffin.

Crib Quilt, Embroidered: 1st and 2nd, Teresa Faber, Tiffin.

Machine Quilted, Pre-Set Patterned: 1st, Bernice Dillon, Alvada.

Most Unusual Pre-Printed: 1st, Rita Yost.

Wall Hanging (20″-45″), Pre-Printed: 1st, Barb Houck, Tiffin.

Best of Show: Bernice Dillon, Quilt.

Best Harmony of Color and Material: Bernice Dillon, Quilt.



Cross Stitch: 1st, Pam Biller, Melmore.

Granny Stitch: 1st, Susie Kelbley, Tiffin; 2nd, Pam Biller.

Popcorn Stitch: 1st, Susie Kelbley; 2nd, Susan Nighswander.

Ripple: 1st, Pam Biller; 2nd, Janet Parkhurst.

Any Not Listed: 1st, Bernita Thom, Tiffin; 2nd, Susie Kelbley.


Bedspread: 1st, Linda Brendle, Tiffin.

Best of Show: Susie Kelbley with Afghan Entry.

Pillowcases, Pair

Hand Embroidered: 1st, Rita Yost.

Any Not Listed: 1st, Pam Biller.


Crochet/Knit: 1st, Susie Kelbley; 2nd, Barb Houck.

Hand Embroidered: 1st and 2nd, Barb Houck.

Best of Show: Susie Kelbley with Crochet Pillow.

Towels, Doilies,


and Handkerchiefs

Crochet, Edging: 1st, Monica Miller, Tiffin.

Crochet, Solid: 1st, Barb Houck; 2nd, Janet Parkhurst.

Any Not Listed: 1st and 2nd, Susie Kelbley.

Tablerunners, Buffet, Dresser, Place Sets, Chair Sets

Any Not Listed: 1st, Jean Haren; 2nd, Janet Parkhurst.

Crocheted Wearing

Apparel and Accessories

Sweater: 1st, Pam Biller; 2nd, Barb Houck.

Stole/Shawl/Poncho: 1st, Jean Haren; 2nd, Dee Hamilton.

Scarf/Collar: 1st, Susan Nighswander, Tiffin; 2nd, Jean Haren.

Hat/Purse: 1st, Susie Kelbley.

Any Not Listed: 1st, Brandy McQuistion, Tiffin.

Knitted Wearing Apparel and Accessories

Stole/Shawl/Poncho: 1st, Linda Brendle.

Scarf: 1st, Jean Haren.

Hat/Purse: 1st, Janet Parkhurst; 2nd, Jean Haren.

Mittens/Gloves: 1st, Janet Parkhurst; 2nd, Jean Haren.

Infant Items

Crocheted Afghan: 1st, Bernita Thom; 2nd, Susie Kelbley.

Hand Knit Afghan: 1st, Ann Golden, Tiffin.

Sweater, Cap

and Bootie Set

Crochet: 1st, Brandy McQuistion; 2nd, Margaret Kastner.

Hand Knit: 1st, Janet Parkhurst.

Dress or Suit

Crochet: 1st, Jean Haren.