Council hears flooding concerns

Dawn Iannantuono addressed Tiffin City Council Monday evening about the day’s flooding and called for action to be taken against the Tiffin Mall and maintenance of its retaining pond.

The residential area between Kroger and Miami Street was most affected by Monday’s rain and many homes had up to a foot of water in their basements, according to Mayor Aaron Montz.

Iannantuono, representing Northwood Condo Association, claimed the condos received the heaviest damage as they are directly behind the mall’s retaining pond.

“It was quite sickening driving here this evening and seeing all the damage,” Iannantuono said. In addition to water in many basements, she said a resident in the complex lost a vehicle to the flood damage.

She said that it was the “second highest damaging flood in the last two years.” She attributes this to the mall’s new footprint and addition of the movie theater. Iannantuono also believes rapid flooding was due to poor maintenance of the mall’s retaining pond and the fact that it was not mowed regularly and the depth was not regulated.

“Our street can handle the water load for our street,” she said. “It cannot handle the water load coming off of the mall.”

Iannantuono said the condo association had planned to build new sidewalks but called on the council to look into the specifications of the mall and ask them to maintain the pond.

“We are trying to do our part, but we resent that the mall is not doing their part to protect us,” she said. “It is not fair that they continue to damage our units.”

Montz suggested that in the absence of communication from the mall, Iannantuono hire a lawyer to send mall management a letter detailing her concerns.

Montz said a meeting is planned today to discuss flooding in the area of Westgate and the residences behind it.

“We’re fully committed that we are going to investigate the matter,” Montz said. “We just want to get out there and find out what exactly is going on and make sure it was nothing that was a manmade problem and that everything is functioning properly.”

In other business, council unanimously selected URS to maintain the long-term control plan and the sewer separation project.

“We were extremely impressed with the presentations that they made,” Montz said.

Montz, Finance Director Gwynn Reinhart and City Administrator Debra Reamer also met with Ohio Department of Transportation for funding possibilities on projects including loop bypass roads around Tiffin, the extension of Fair Lane to US 224, the extension of Shaffer Park Drive to the city limits at Miami Street and upgrades to roads near National Machinery.

Council called for volunteers to collect donations at the July 4th celebration at Hedges-Boyer Park. Interested parties should contact Steve Dryfuse at (419) 448-5408 or Montz at (419) 448-5401.

Reinhart said the General Fund unencumbered balance as of June 30 was $1,513,698.76. Municipal income tax receipts were 6 percent higher than in 2008 and 6.2 percent higher than in 2012.

The unexpended balance for all funds was $11,578,717.26.

In new business, council approved of the following resolutions and ordinances by a vote of 6-0:

A resolution approving Montz’s appointment of David Martien as the Planning Commission representative to the Zoning Board of Appeals for a term expiring Dec. 31, 2016.

An ordinance adopting a tax budget for fiscal year 2014 and directing Reinhart to deliver the budget to the Seneca County Auditor by July 20 and declaring an emergency.

An ordinance amending section 904.06 of Tiffin Codified Ordinance to comply with New Americans with Disabilities Act and ODOT regulations regarding sidewalk slopes, and declaring an emergency.

An ordinance amending the budget ordinance 12-73 for bank restoration on Rock Creek in Hedges-Boyer Park.