Bloomville talks about pool costs/hours, storm clean-up

BLOOMVILLE The Bloomville pool may be ready to open soon.

Clerk Janis Weasner suggested decreasing the cost of pool passes due to the late opening. Anyone interested in purchasing a pass may do so at a reduced rate.

The cost of passes are as follows:

Single pass is $20.00,

Family pass up to five people is $35.

Family pass of more than five people is $40

Council members discussed the possibility of changing the hours of operation due to the limited amount of time the pool will be open.

Mayor Robert George will meet with Dan Stull Thursday to discuss the recent storm damage in Seneca County. Trustees, mayors and other officials have been invited, as well.

Street Superintendant Dentinger reported several Bloomville residents being out and about; the west side of town is cleaned up.

Mayor Bob George noted the need for a list of seniors in the community should another storm or other natural disaster arise. Weasner presented the pay ordinance 2013-14 for payment. Council members approved all bills presented.

Weasner reported the CDBG funds require an income survey of the entire town. All residents will be receiving an income survey to complete and return by the due date. Weasner noted 200 must be completed and turned in prior to the end of July. Without this, Bloomville will not receive the $40,000.

Bloomville will be hosting a ball tournament that started Thursday night and will go through the weekend.

Weasner stated she was approached by someone regarding waiving the fees for the tournament. Weasner noted they have put a lot of work into the park as well as purchasing various items, etc. Generally, this group does not ask for reimbursement.

Council members agreed to waive the tournament fees.

Council members heard the second reading of Resolution 2013-7. This resolution authorizes an agreement to purchase rock salt through the Department of Transportation.

Council members also heard the second reading of Resolution 2013-8. This resolution is to declare the necessity of levying a real estate tax levy in excess of the 10-mil limitation and establishing Nov. 5 as the date for the election relating to the enactment of a renewal real estate tax levy in the amount of 1.5 mil.

Council members declared this an emergency and moved to suspend the rule. Resolution passed 5-1.