Zig Stag employee arrested, tried to steal package from FedEx driver

An employee of Zig Stag was arrested Thursday afternoon after he attempted to steal a package from a FedEx delivery driver.

Lt. Mark Marquis of the Tiffin Police Department said police received a 911 call around 1:30 p.m. reporting a FedEx driver had a package stolen from him by a Zig Stag employee while he was attempting to deliver it at the store, located at 20 E. Market St.

The driver had chased the employee to 149 S. Monroe St. where he was able to get the package back from the employee, Myron L. Bates, 34, of Fostoria, after a small struggle.

Police were called after the struggle, and after checking the area, Bates then turned himself in to police, Marquis said. He was charged with theft and was taken to the Seneca County jail.

Marquis said the package was worth more than $2,000 and had required payment upon delivery. Marquis would not specify what was in the package. The package has been retained by police, he said.

Marquis said Bates claimed he had been weighing contents of the package and was in the process of taking contents out of it when the delivery driver told him not to and he ran from the store.