Trustees accept paving bid

HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP – Hopewell Township trustees met Monday night, accepting a bid from M & B Asphalt for work on the road paving project. Roads being repaved include sections of West Street, Oak Street, Elm Street and TR 98. Work is to start by the end of June.

Pete Tiefel from Sunoco spoke to the trustees about scheduled pipeline maintenance. The safety inspection is to occur at 7 a.m. June 28 and is to close the intersection of TR 120 and 129, headed north for about 1,000 feet. It is expected to last approximately five hours. Those affected by this inspection are to be contacted.

A new pipeline is to be built through the permanent easement and work is to start as early as October.

At Meadowbrook Park, the west side of the old sewer system was filled in with stone and now serves as parking. The east side is to have new landscaping to draw visitors to the bridge.

A new photo ID system is in effect for the park and around 350 cards have been produced for campers and the public. The WIFI problems have been fixed in the park without any other issues.

Several township residents came in to discuss the problem of a local commercial lot and whether a court order against the owner is in violation. They gave the trustees the paperwork, saying the owner of the lot was only permitted to use the land for a trailer court, and he now is using the land to support his hauling business, a junkyard and seen to have been building a storage unit.

Because much of the owner’s work is occurring near the drainage tile, they are concerned for possible flooding if he damages the tile. They made trustees aware that he was at the maximum occupancy for the sewer system and he is unable to add any more trailers to the land.

Residents also are concerned with whether he has been given the appropriate permits for this project and whether he legally can use the land for what he is doing.

Legal action has been taken before on this property and the residents explained they have taken other actions against the owner, including permanent restraining orders.

Trustees are investigating violations of the court order and are looking into the matter.

In other matters, trustees:

Granted a permit request to construct a new driveway.

Reviewed information concerning Black Swamp Conservancy in preparation for their visit next meeting and the Ohio Agriculture Easement Purchase Program.

The board is to meet at 7:30 p.m. July 1 at the township office.