Severe weather forecast

Severe weather with a possibility of flooding and high winds was expected to hit Seneca County overnight.

According to the National Weather Service, showers and thunderstorms were forecast, with some storms possibly severe with large hail and damaging winds.

“We’re talking some pretty significant storms coming our way overnight,” said Dan Stahl, Seneca County Emergency Management Agency director. “With high wind, hail and perhaps even tornadoes in this system.”

According to the National Weather Service, the main threat with the storms was expected to be damaging winds that could exceed 75 miles per hour. Tree damage, power outages and minor structural damage were possible with the strong winds, especially in western Ohio and southeast Indiana.

A flood watch also was issued until 1 p.m. today, according to the National Weather System.

Stahl said 1.5 to 3 inches of rain was forecast for the area.

“If we get 3 inches of rain overnight, we’ll have some surface flooding issues,” he said.