Panel members rush to complete surveys

NEW RIEGEL – When making application for a $300,000 Critical Infrastructure Grant for the grinding down and repaving of streets, New Riegel Mayor Larry Bouillon learned the village needed income surveys from village households completed by Tuesday. Council members assisted in visiting all households and were able to turn in surveys from 84 of 100 households. The surveys are to go to Columbus by Friday and the results of the grant funding should be revealed in September. The village is responsible for a $100,000 matching fund for the project.

Bouillon is seeking another grant for the completion of all village sidewalks. One citizen is moving forward to have her sidewalks done personally. The village traditionally has shared costs with homeowners, but the village has no set-aside funds at present. Bouillon would like to see the village set aside $5,000 annually for such projects, but was unable to put it in next year’s budget.

Resident Jan Steyer approached council about forming a small library for the village from donated books. A suitable location was discussed and Bouillon is to check into funding for the project. A future public meeting will be scheduled for those interested in participating during the July council meeting.

Fiscal Officer Jackie Honaker presented treasurer’s report and reviewed the 2014 estimated budget. Local government funding has been reduced by two-thirds in three years.

Street worker Jerry Faeth reported tree trimming is being done, but more is necessary. The sign at the village park has been erected. Once the trees are sprayed at the park, mulch is to be added. Shelter house pipe leaks are being looked into.

Mike Metzger is to repair several catch basins for an additional fee to the original estimate.

Councilman Lenny Theis has treated the fire pond and is to again do it next week.

Councilwoman Deirdre Bakies said Jeff Finn from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service applied herbicide to the natural habitat area in the park in preparation for the project to begin late next week. The wildlife area is to be utilized by New Riegel School science classes.

In other matters, council:

Heard the first reading of an ordinance authorizing the mayor to enter into agreement with the Regional Income Tax Agency for the administration and collection of the income tax.

Approved a master key for all fire pond locks at the NBS Joint Fire District’s expense, and providing council with two keys.

Heard Parkers would be painting the village building roof when baseball is completed.

Will take action on the police protection levy at the next meeting as only four council people were present.

Heard the Time-Warner Cable system has been installed for in-house fax, phones and internet use.

Approved a resolution authorizing Honaker to submit the 2014 proposed budget.

Approved Bakies’ participation in a summer tree identification class today.

Approved using $900 in recycling funds to purchase two 32-gallon trash receptacles for the park for $775.20 and using the remainder to purchase recyclable supplies at Staples. The ball association will be asked to purchase liners for the receptacles.

Approved the removal of a streetlight by AEP.

Approved Dave Wagner spraying under the park trees not to exceed $150.

Council is to meet at 6:30 p.m. July 16.