Moms embarking upon mission

A new mission is starting in Seneca County called Moms On a Mission. The charitable organization was formed to bring together women and mothers to establish a community of fellowship and to affirm these women as leaders of faith, hope and charity in the household.

Within this community, the goal is to raise awareness of the needs of children – locally, nationally and internationally – and to support those needs through Christian charities for children.

“Moms On a Mission is not just for mothers; is for all women,” the group stated in a release. “The concept of this mission is derived from the blessing that children bring to our lives. When a child comes into your life – be it a son, daughter, niece, nephew, godchild, friend – they inspire incredible love, the desire to be a better person, and the dream to make this world a better place for that child and for all God’s children.”

The group is taking a modern approach to fundraising by hosting value-added events. The concept is to provide an opportunity for women to explore new interests, network with peers, learn about issues facing children worldwide and support charities for children. And, Moms On a Mission is spreading the word, connecting with women and advertising events primarily through Facebook (Moms On a Mission, Tiffin).

The inaugural event for Moms On a Mission is “Flip-Flops and Fotos: a casual brunch with photographer Stephanie Metzger of Stephanie’s Creations Photography.” The event is set for 10 a.m. July 20 in the Fellowship Hall of Faith United Methodist Church, 75 N. Sandusky St. Attendees are to be treated to “brunch with the girls” and have the opportunity to learn tricks-of-the-trade from a professional photographer.

Tickets are $15 and proceeds are to benefit one local and one international charity as decided by the women who attend.

Moms On a Mission is blanketed under Faith UMC’s 501(c)3 status, but the goal is for it to be an ecumenical mission in Seneca County drawing from all denominations.

To obtain more information about Moms On a Mission or the upcoming event, call (419) 447-6748 or send email to momsonamission@outlook.