Hopewell trustees finish park, road fixes

HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP – Hopewell Township trustees met Monday night, emphasizing the work done to Meadowbrook Park and the road paving project. Park co-manager Troy Breidenbach gave an update on the sewer project within Meadowbrook Park. The sewer plants are now connected and operational. The west section is being pumped in the near future and east and west are to be filled in.

Within the park, 30 maples and several ash trees have been found dead and are slated for removal. The pool has been inspected and will be open for the summer. Along with the pool, the ballroom has been inspected. A leak will be fixed and the township will be reviewing the code in order to maintain their warrant.

Park co-manager Dick Freeborn said Friends of Meadowbrook Park have pledged more than $19,000 for the pool fund. He said the Memorial Day events went well.

The road paving project is to start next week with bidding on the project. The roads being repaved in Bascom include West Street from SR 18 to Poplar Street, Oak Street from CR 7 to the dead end and Elm Street from SR 18 to Poplar Street. In Hopewell Township, TR 98 is to be repaved from TR 113 to the old railroad bed. Bidding for the project is to start at 8 p.m. at the next meeting.

The tiles on TR 132 and TR 102 have been fixed. The township also has acquired a crack sealer and work is to begin shortly. The road signs at the fairgrounds have also been replaced.

Christina Kuchle, the Northwest Region Assistant Scenic Rivers Manager with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, spoke to the trustees concerning township projects that occur near the Sandusky River. She said all projects occurring within 1,000 feet of a state designated scenic river must be approved through the department to maintain the quality of the river and the surrounding area.

In other matters, the trustees:

Reported the new zoning maps are completed.

Said recycling for the township is going well and the township is well below the typical percentage of contaminants. The trustees were reminded that residents should not keep recyclables in plastic bags, as they are not recyclable themselves.

Emphasized the need for certified lifeguards at Meadowbrook Park.

The board is to meet at 7:30 p.m. June 17 at the township office.