Fireworks talk yields questions

GREEN SPRINGS – Tempers flared as the conversation heated up at the Green Springs Village Council Meeting Monday night. Several council members were in disagreement regarding the upcoming Fourth of July celebration. For the past several years, the village has paid Pyrotechnic for supplying mortars and other equipment needed to put on its celebration. As the conversation progressed, it became apparent a detailed contract between Green Springs and Pyrotechnic was not in place each year as some members thought. Mayor Jesse Darr said he does not have paperwork stating who the equipment belongs to.

Darr also questioned storing the mortars on personal property rather than village property. Several members questioned the number of mortars belonging to the village, but were unable to determine an exact number.

“If Green Springs paid $5,000 for equipment, then they should have $5,000 worth of equipment,” Councilman Adam Greenslade said.

Councilman Tyler Kimmet said he has asked Pyrotechnic for two contracts several times before, but only has received one. Upon review, several members agreed the contract is vague. Greenslade said the matter shows a need for improved communication between council members and sub-committee members. Due to lack of information, council members were unable to come to an agreement regarding the event.

Dwayne and Sherri Shock shared their frustration with council members regarding the recent Memorial Day Parade. Sherri said she is to chair in 2014 and hopes to have the parade more organized. Also, she is working on pricing playground equipment. Grant funds and donations may be sought for the equipment.

In regards to the village cemetery, community members said the trimming is not done, and the cemetery looks unkempt. An issue with moles also was discussed.

John Miller said hydrant flushing is to take place July 2226. Miller is to meet with GGJ Inc. Friday regarding combined sewer overflow inspection to take place July 1. Mosquito spraying is to take place Thursday evening this week. Normal spraying schedule will resume next week. The mill and fill on East Adams Street may be delayed due to possible upcoming sewer work. Spot repairs may take place until a plan is in place by the EPA for sewer work.

Police Chief Charlie Horne said a walk through of school buildings in the district took place recently. All officers are to participate in active training with students and staff in the upcoming school year. Horne said the ticket campaign was a success.

Council members agreed to donate $200 to the garden club. Funds are to be used to fill flower pots to beautify the village. Members also approved the Public Entities Pool of Ohio. Darr said Splash and Dash Car Wash is awaiting word from the bank before breaking ground. Dollar General is interested in purchasing additional property adjacent to the store due to issues with water drainage.

Village council members met in an executive session to discuss a personnel issue. When the meeting resumed, members accepted the resignation of Officer John Tate Jr.

Kimmet said the NOVFA softball tournament is to take place in Green Springs the first and second weekend in August and August 2014.

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