Elevator poses minimal cost to city

The city will not be required to pay a fee to decommission or repair an elevator in a vacant, city-owned building, City Administrator Deb Reamer said Wednesday.

Reamer said she had the elevator in the old Salvation Army building certified recently, and the state will no longer require the city to repair or decommission the elevator because the city plans to demolish the building.

She said she initially thought the state was going to require the city to repair the elevator, which would’ve cost $1,265, or decommission it, which would cost $2,800.

The city had to pay about $270 for the certification fee, which Reamer said is standard procedure.

In a letter addressed to the Ohio Department of Commerce, Reamer said the city is planning on tearing down the Salvation Army building in 2013-2014.

“We will seal off the elevator and also take out the fuses so it will not be usable,” she said in the letter. “We do not want to incur this kind of expense considering the building will be demolished … .”