Carey examines parking fines

CAREY The cost to move one’s car may cost more in Carey than the fine that comes with parking it illegally.

Carey Police Chief Dan Walter shared with council the fine to park after hours in certain spots along the village streets is just $3 if the fine is paid within 24 hours of the ticket being issued. If it’s not paid in that time frame, the full cost of the fine is $6.

Councilman Dan Hark questioned what could be done to increase those fines. Walter said he would look into other area villages to see what their fine structures were for similar offenses and report back to council.

Walter also added one more to his roles as David Hendrix was sworn in as an auxiliary police officer.

The swimming pool bathhouse is to have a new look soon as council approved a bid of $12,525 from Cole’s Do-All Vinyl Siding of Tiffin to install a metal roof over existing shingles. Councilman Chad Kin asked if the roof would be under warranty with it being installed over the shingles and if not, recommended the village pay the additional $2,500 to have the old shingles removed first and then have the roof installed.

The parks are to see some further expenditures as well. Council approved a $3,500 bid for the application of sealcoat on the Waterworks Park outside drive, walkway and parking lots. Cole’s also will be replacing the gutters and downspouts at the pavilion.

The council room windows as well as the account clerk’s office window that face south will be replaced by Wagner Renovations of Carey at a cost of $2,004.

Council approved putting out to bid the paving of portions of West Street, Yule Tree Drive, Crabapple Drive and Magnolia Lane. Originally, the first alley west on North Vance Street between Newhard and Brayton streets. also was going to be up for bid but Kin and councilwoman Lois Kurtz said there were other streets that were in need of repair before working on alleys. Councilman Mike Blair suggested tar and chipping the alleys instead.

Blair also wanted to see a hard timeline put on owners of abandoned properties on North Street, Lake Street, Brown Avenue, Adams Street and Columbus Avenue. The owners of those properties were warned last year about cleaning up the properties and in many cases, little has been done. The issue was going to be explored further about seeing what grants might be available to tear down the structures if nothing further is done.

The village plans to flush hydrants July 15-26 and Mayor Steven Smalley urged residents to not be alarmed by a change in color in their water during that time. The water would be safe to drink but cautioned against washing clothes if they noticed the color change.

The village plans to have a four-day holiday weekend July 4-7 as village employees voted to take July 5 as its floating holiday for the year.

Go Green of Findlay will charge the village $5,470 to do all the village brush and leaf grinding. The work will begin in about a month and residents will have the opportunity to use the grindings afterward.

Corbin Blair was presented a $2,000 scholarship from AMP.

The council went into executive session at the end of the meeting with no action taken afterward.