Bloomville pool repairs to start soon

BLOOMVILLE – Park improvements and beautification dominated the Bloomville village council meeting Wednesday evening.

Street superintendent Rick Dentinger reported RenoSys has arrived to repair the park pool. The company was delayed while working on a water park in Kentucky. No date has been set for the pool opening.

Dentinger also reported:

A list of trees to be removed is being developed.

Electric receptacles on downtown light poles are to be repaired by winter.

Assistance is needed to place rope on the park flagpole.

Park fences are to be inspected for straightening.

Questionable sidewalks also were discussed with council agreeing they must be addressed. Letters will be drafted soon to landowners with sidewalks in disrepair. A village sidewalk program exists which may assist landowners in repair costs.

The village sign standing on the north edge of the village will be replaced this summer. Plans are being formulated to erect a block retaining wall with shrubbery. One resident has offered to donate toward the foliage while area businesses will be offered the opportunity to donate.

Village clerk-treasurer Janis Weasner reported the 2.5-mil police levy is to expire this year. The first reading of a resolution was made with the document to be examined by village solicitor Tim Hoover. Weasner said it can be passed at the July 2 council meeting as an emergency, but has to be passed by Aug. 7.

Contact was made with the Ottawa-Sandusky-Seneca Solid Waste District regarding left-over grant money for items made from recyclables. Councilman Ray Sexton estimated a rubberized mulch project for the park to cost $21,000, which council decided was out of its budget. Council anticipates purchasing a lifeguard chair and four park benches instead after approval from the township trustees.

Council approved pay ordinance 2013-12; first reading of a resolution asking the county auditor to prepare certification of estimated property tax revenue; and an ordinance regarding the approval of a personnel handbook was passed by a third reading.

Other items of note:

Mayor Bob George questioned the number of golf carts using village streets when only two have been certified for street use.

Bloomville working with Regional Planning on a $40,000 grant for sidewalks and curbs downtown.

Summer pool passes will be prorated after the opening date is established.

The village office to be closed part of July due to vacation.

The annual budget meeting is at 7 p.m. July 3 at the next village council meeting at the village office.