Bettsville, Old Fort schools join forces

BETTSVILLE -Bettsville and Old Fort Local schools are to come together to share administrative and teaching services for the 2013-14 school year.

During special meetings conducted Monday by both boards, they agreed to begin the process for the purchase service agreement. The school explored a similar agreement three years ago.

Old Fort Superintendent Jude Meyers said, “One part for the agreement is for financial reasons. We are hearing from legislators to work smarter. Old Fort and Bettsville are both small schools and our resources are limited. We were looking for a project that will help increase revenue and help us keep our main integrity for our schools which is the academic programs.”Bettsville is to share the services of elementary principal Michelle Duntuono for grades K-5 and Old Fort is to share principal Shane Jacoby for grades 6-12. Both schools are to also share services for Spanish courses. Bettsville will get Spanish teacher Matt Combs for three periods, Michelle Davis, Bettsville board president, said.

The schools are to take action on the agreement during their July meetings.

“This is a start of something,” Old Fort Board President Gary Cole said. “There is a money incentive for both schools to get together.”

Gregg Pettit, Bettsville superintendent, said this is to be a good opportunity for the students.

“Our communities are close and most of the kids know each other,” Pettit said. “With open enrollment, it has become an unstable situation for our districts, we are just looking at ways to help our kids.”

Pettit also said he and Meyers are to discuss possible sharing of music services.

The next regular board meeting for Bettsville Local Schools is to be 6 p.m. July 16, and the next regular board meeting for Old Fort Local Schools is to be 6 p.m. July 8.