Athletes score at Special Olympics

COLUMBUS – Several athletes representing the Seneca County Opportunity Center brought home bronze, silver and gold medals during the 2013 Ohio Special Olympic Games Saturday.

From the games, which took place on the campus of The Ohio State University, athletes won three bronze medals, three silver medals and two gold from Saturday.

The bocce team for the women’s doubles earned a gold medal. The team consisted of Kelly Adams and Paula Bollenbacher.

“I am happy and glad,” Adams said. “We are happy with our coach and happy for first place.”

“I have a good teammate,” Bollenbacher said. “We work well together.”

The final score of the game was 10-6 against Wyandot County.

Adams and Bollenbacher said they came in early to practice and talked to each other during the matches so their opponents wouldn’t know what they were thinking.

The men’s doubles team of Tom Sewell and Steve Hiser took silver. The past two years the team took gold.

In track, Veronica Kirkpatrick and Tasha Buknatski took silver medals and Jessica Loubert took the bonze medal in the 50 meter dash and Jamie Starkey placed fourth for the standing long-jump.

“I feel good (about placing second),” Kirkpatrick said.

Kirkpatrick, Loubert and Buknatski are to compete today in the women’s soft ball throw and Starkey is to compete in the men’s 100 meter dash.

The opportunity center’s volleyball team are to return home with the silver metal after a close game against the Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

The final score after a three-set game was 15-12.

The team consists of Sean Allison, Jenny Berman, Dee Bryon, Dean Ferguson, Ruth Greenwald, Lori Lutes, Susan Mull and Geoff Reser.

Berman said she feels comfortable about the win and she had a lot of energy. She said her sister taught her about what to do during the game.

Berman’s mother, Patricia Berman, said she is proud of her daughter and that the team never gave up.

“The first game was better, but the second game was just awful,” Lutes said.

The Opportunity Center also had individuals participate in bowling. Patrick Moore earned a bronze medal and Steve Scifers earned a gold medal for the men’s competition. In the women’s matches, Emily Klienfelter and Ashley Sampsel are to compete in today’s games.

Tiffin Developmental Center had three individuals compete in bowling: Patrick Barton, Moses Gillam, and Sean McNamara. The results for the matches were unavailable.