Superintendent Vehre to retire

CAREY- Mark Vehre, 53, has served as superintendent for Carey Exempted Village Schools for six-years and plans to retire July 1.

Vehre has 31 years in the education system.

“I am proud to have been able to serve the district in so many different capacities,” Vehre said.

Over the past six years Vehre has made several accomplishments for the district.

Vehre said that to retire in July, the cost benefits for him would be better than to wait.

“I have to look out for the bigger financial picture,” he said.

The Carey Board of Education met Sunday to begin the search for a new superintendent.

Treasurer Karen Phillips said the board is looking for someone with superintendent experience, who can communicate with the staff and public and possibly someone with building experience.

“I have brought a lot of loyalty to the district and community,” Vehre said. “My heart and soul have been in the job. It is about education, not the job or money.”

Vehre also worked in the Triplains school district in Kansas teaching business education.

“I enjoyed seeing the young people that come through the building and and those that I have coached and in the class room, and have seen the fine young adults they have become in school,” Vehre said.

“I feel blessed to have served the district for the past 29 years,” Vehre said.

“Not too many people have the opportunity to stay in one place as long as I have. I have been fortunate to work with good people and see the young people that I coached and taught or worked with as principal and superintendent do well for themselves. That’s the true reward and accomplishment for my efforts.”