Speaker: Graduates not alone

Heidelberg University’s baccalaureate speaker told graduates that they did not get here alone.

The Rev. David Mark Greenhaw, president and professor of preaching and worship at Eden Theological Seminary, delivered “Not Getting There Alone” during the Sunday morning service.

Greenhaw told the story of Moses leading his people to the promised land.

“(Moses) did not get there alone,” Greenhaw said.

“You didn’t get here alone,” he told graduates. “You had help along the way. Don’t you dare think you did it alone. To your family, friends and teachers, to the people who built a school in the 19th century and the generations before, you didn’t do it alone, you are not alone.”

“Sometimes the struggle was so great we thought we would not make it through,” Greenhaw said.”We are part of a larger plan of God’s. You will run the incredible obstacle courses and sometimes you will get there by yourselves, but you are always surrounded.”

For those that are not graduating, Greenhaw said, “be proud of those that are and excited for what they have to offer.”

Joshua Olewiler, who received a bachelor’s degree in biology, and Megan Brown, who received a bachelor’s degree in environmental science, offered a student reflections.

Olewiler discussed the blessings of spirituality and diverse religious backgrounds that encourage higher educational learning.

“Throughout my time at Heidelberg, I dug deeper into my faith,” Olewiler said.