Gov’t council lands 2 grants

The North Central Ohio Regional Council of Governments was approved for two $100,000 grants for Local Government Innovation Fund studies Tuesday.

The two studies will examine potential savings for city and county governments. One study will look into using compressed natural gas for school buses and government-owned vehicles, and the other will look at the feasibility of having city and county governments share a facility.

“This is very good news for Tiffin and Seneca County today,” said John Davoli, director of the group.

The shared facility would likely be used as a justice center or courthouse for the city and county.

“We can have a wonderful facility that can save the city and county money,” Davoli said.

He said preliminary estimates for both studies show great potential for savings.

“That was very welcome news that we got this afternoon,” Tiffin Mayor Aaron Montz said at Tuesday afternoon’s City Council Committee of the Whole meeting. “Who knows, maybe one day in the near future you’re going to see city vehicles and school buses being run on compressed natural gas, which they tell us is four to five times cheaper than what we’re paying for gasoline now.”

Davoli said there was a great deal of cooperation between government entities in acquiring the grants.

The two studies could result in two $500,000 no-interest loans from LGIF, he said.

“We celebrate today, and get into the hard work tomorrow,” he said.