Fostoria canine officer honored

FOSTORIA – A memorial service was held Tuesday on the Municipal Building lawn to remember Ninja, Fostoria’s police canine that died two months ago.

Ninja was euthanized March 31 after a large cancerous tumor was discovered in his stomach. He had become Officer Don Dennis’s partner in 2008 and was 8 years old.

“He never failed to protect, never quit and always got the job done,” Capt. Dan Dell of the Fostoria Police Department said at the service Tuesday afternoon.

Dell said Ninja was more than just a dog; he was a member of the Dennis family.

Fostoria Police officer Brandon Bell, who is the handler of Fostoria Police canine Ricky, also spoke at the service. For the past three years, he and Ricky worked closely with Dennis and Ninja. He described Ninja as calm, happy and always eager to work.

“He made a perfect family member of the Dennis family and was the perfect partner for Dan,” Bell said.

Bell said police canine work is very rewarding, and the dogs’ eagerness to work motivates officers to work in return.

Dennis said a police canine to replace Ninja has been selected and the police department is in the final steps of getting the dog. He hopes the new canine will be able to join the force by the end of May.