City ponders CDBG funding

City Council mulled over a pair of projects it is considering for its Community Development Block Grant application during a Committee of the Whole meeting Tuesday.

Tiffin Mayor Aaron Montz said he would like to see the city apply for the $300,000 Critical Infrastructure grant to do a complete street rebuild of the St. Clair Street, Benner Street, Carl Street and Orange Street area.

“I drove back through there and I think, in my opinion, that is the most rough street,” Montz said. “It looks terrible as far as all the patch work it’s really bumpy.”

He said he would also like to apply for the $300,000 Neighborhood Revitalization grant to purchase decorative street lighting along the Benner Street walkway and down Market Street.

Councilman Jim Roberts said the city should use the grant money to make improvements to Little Hedges Park and the surrounding streets, including Ann, Schonhardt, Madison and Rebecca streets.

“It’s an area that definitely needs lighting, it needs more activities for the children in this park and this is something we already have,” Roberts said.

“This is something that complies with everything.”

The committee debated over the two projects for the two set aside grants, which are competitive and are not guaranteed.

Members of the committee asked Seneca Industrial and Economic Development Corp. Director of Development Karen Bowers to see which of the projects would likely score higher and would be most likely to get chosen by the CDBG program.

Montz also said he would like to use the guaranteed $75,000 the city is to receive from the CDBG program to tear down the old Salvation Army building.

Bowers said that project could hurt the city’s chances of landing the competitive grants.

Bowers and interim city engineer Mario Livojevic are going to look into details of both projects and see how much they are going to cost and their benefits.

She said she would like to have more details available for the next Tiffin City Council meeting June 3.