Board seeking options for highway mowing

REPUBLIC – Mowing along the state highways through Republic topped council’s agenda Monday evening. Even though it is the state’s responsibility to mow, it rarely is done. Council discussed other options, but Village Administrator Crystal Hoepf is to contact Ohio Department of Transportation first, then perhaps township trustees may be asked if they would mow a little further into the village for a fee while mowing their roads, depending on the state’s reply. They questioned if they could use state highway funds to pay the costs.

Hoepf reported the chlorination system had developed air bubbles and the injection line was flushed bringing the chlorine level back up. She noted receiving a bill for unreturned equipment from the village of Sycamore in the past but will contact the village to verify the fact.

Hoepf is looking to seal street cracks and perhaps paint fire hydrants. She is seeking help to accomplish those tasks. It was reported the items are being readied for the village auction and the brake line on a truck has been repaired. She is to order additional stop signs soon.

Fiscal Officer Monique Delaney requested a budget meeting for the next council meeting, presenting future major projects for consideration. The due date for the preliminary budget is July 19. All funds total $986,000 with $400,000 invested in certificates of deposit.

Police Chief Don Holmer said his department may be donating uniforms to another force and could possibly be selling several extra emergency radios back to the county. He said the speed trailer has been placed about the village reminding motorists to watch speed through the community.

Councilman Jeff Larick requested the village Civil War monument area be mowed for Memorial Day. Events for Monday include a march to the cemetery for a ceremony.

Larick said a condemned house on Center Street is to be demolished soon.

Councilman Kevin Thompson reported a leaking fire hydrant on SR 67.

June 14 and 15 are the village trash pickup days.

Councilman Mike Oberlander expressed concerns about a mix-up in mail delivery and the unauthorized opening of mail from the post office.

Council is to meet at 6:30 p.m. June 3.