Area spring flushing

Aqua Ohio Water Company Tiffin District will continue its spring flushing Tuesday, according to division manager Jim Welty.

“The flushing may cause temporary water discoloration but will not affect your water’s safety. Running the water for several minutes should eliminate the problem. While it may be an inconvenience, it is necessary to keep our water system in good condition.”

Residents are advised to check the flushing schedule each week in the newspaper or by listening to the radio.

Please do not do laundry when flushing is taking place in your area. Also please note when the water company will be in your general area of town. Flushing does not have to take place on your immediate street for the water to be discolored.

If you have questions about the flushing schedule or if your clothing does become discolored by doing laundry, please contact an Ohio-American customer service representative at (800)-673-5999 for assitance.

The following is a schedule of streets the company will be flushing:


Liberty Street, Tilden Street, Railroad Street, East Market Street from East Perry Street to North Street, Riverside Drive, Hunter Street, Elm Avenue from Hunter Street to Dwight Street, Clinton Avenue from Circular Street to Dwight Street, Ohio Avenue from Hunter Street to Dwight Street, Riverlea Park, Johnson Street, Penn Street, Heilman Street, Maplewood Drive, Elmwood Street.


Dwight Street, Riverside Drive, Seneca Street, Ohio Avenue from Dwight Street to Huss Street, Elm Avenue from Dwight Street to Industrial Avenue, Clinton Avenue from Dwight Street to Industrial Avenue, Charles Street, Bobb Street, Industrial Avenue, John Street.