Whirlpool lawsuit gains 14 plaintiffs

Fourteen new plaintiffs have been added to a class-action lawsuit seeking more than $750 million from Whirlpool Corp. for its alleged negligence that led to at least some illnesses in the Clyde area.

The plaintiffs, who are from Clyde, Woodville, Fremont and Delta, were added to the lawsuit Thursday in

an amended complaint, according to a release from the law firm of Albrechta & Coble, Ltd.

The new plaintiffs claim personal injuries, including cancer, diabetes, thyroid, immune and neurological illness, were a result of exposure to toxic manufacturing chemicals that were dumped at Whirlpool Park, located at CR 187 and CR 181 near Clyde.

The amended complaint also retains class action allegations on behalf of residents of parts of Sandusky, Erie, and Ottawa counties for medical monitoring and property damages, according to the release.

“We have clarified allegations consistent with the evidence presently known to our office and our clients. We are continuing to gather more information as more witnesses come forward. This is a work in progress and it is anticipated that further changes will be made in the future,” attorney Joseph F. Albrechta stated in the release.

According to the lawsuit, EPA released a report showing that, at some time during Whirlpool’s ownership of the property, dumping of a toxic chemical sludge which included PCBs occurred at Whirlpool Park.

PCBs and total metals in subsurface soil exceeded EPA levels for residential properties, it states.

The park, which included a picnic shelter, an in-ground outdoor pool, a basketball court, a tennis court, a volleyball court, creek, pond and outdoor recreational amenities, was owned by Whirlpool Corp. until 2008.

In the original lawsuit, filed last month in Sandusky County Common Pleas Court, three families are named as plaintiffs.

One plaintiff, Tim Lagrou, is alleging his 23-year-old wife, Christina Lagrou, died from large cell lymphoma as a result of being reared within 1,500 feet of the park..

According to the release, Albrechta & Coble, Ltd. will be available 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. today at the Clyde Public Library, 222 W. Buckeye St., to inspect and scan photographs and documents interested parties may have concerning their families’ use and recreation at Whirlpool Park and work photographs at the Clyde Whirlpool Plant.

Original photographs will be returned on site after they are scanned.

Any resident is welcome to attend and provide information they may have regarding toxic exposure in the cancer cluster region.

For more information, call the law firm at (419) 332-9999.