TU students to showcase art

Tiffin University’s annual Student Art Exhibition is to open with a special reception 6:30-8 p.m. Thursday in the Diane Kidd Art Gallery inside the Hayes Center for the Arts on campus.

The reception is to be hosted by TU President Paul Marion and his wife, Susan, and also is to recognize this year’s graduating seniors.

Lee Fearnside, assistant professor of art at TU, said the show is to feature work from regular undergraduate courses in drawing, painting and design, as well as a special exhibition of advanced undergraduate portfolio projects and creative thesis projects from the masters of humanities program.

“While the subject matter is eclectic, the work exhibited represents the best of Tiffin University’s art program,” Fearnside said.

Work from junior Tabitha Tabor is to be featured. She is to have a photograph titled “Vacancy.” The photo is of an abandoned motel she sees while driving to and from school.

“Abandoned and extremely weathered building always catch my eye,” Tabor said. “They’re interesting to me because they are so old and once were very lively. Old buildings like that have stories that are probably now forgotten.”

Lauren Stewart is set to graduate in May with a degree in equine business management and a minor in photography. She is to have many pieces in the show, including two photos she took of a horse she was training.

“I love that they look more delicate and show a softer side of the equine and their environment,” Stewart said. “Horses are a huge inspiration for me, I have been lucky enough to witness their kindness and beauty over the last 15 years. I never get tired of photographing them.”

Stewart also is to have several print pieces. One is called “The Heart Tree,” which for Stewart defined the meaning and feeling of home for her.

“The inspiration behind it was a Japanese maple tree that grew in front of my child home. It was my mother’s tree and she loved it. I just reminds me of home and her never-ending love.”

For sophomore Dyllain Martin, his inspiration

comes from his love for the outdoors. His pieces shows the changing of the seasons and new life.

“I’ve lived in a small town all my life that is surrounded by nature and farms,” Martin said. “I always want to be out in the woods and one with nature. Photography is the outlet that allows me to capture every moment of life’s beauty in real time, as it unfolds.”

The show is to run through June 20.