Sentinel students show off skills

COLUMBUS Students in 11 programs from Sentinel Career and Technology Center collaborated on the chapter display at the 61st annual Skills-USA Ohio championships Tuesday.

The display, made from steel, plywood, sheet metal, and plastic, showed a motorized tulip flower bloom opening up to the Skills-USA emblem.

“The flower represents students prepared with skills and as it blooms, represents becoming prepared with all those skills,” senior Eric Radford said. “As the flower is rooted to grow, so are students prepared to grow.”

The flower was above 11 pillars bracing a cut out of the state Ohio that rose to several levels that represented the eleven programs and the several local and national levels, Radford said.

Radford is from Upper Sandusky High School and is in the building trades program. He is one of three students on the presentation team. The others are juniors Alex Martinez, a precision machining student, and Brett Cassidy, an electrical trades student. Both are from Hopewell-Loudon High School.

Radford also had to memorize a five- to seven-minute speech to present to judges.

The display cost about $3,800 and was completed in 583 hours with the help of 83 students.

“This display is a good example of what a technical school is,” Martinez said. “It has been (an) honor to do and a tribute to all the programs.”

“There is a lot of symbolism in the display. It is not cut and dry,” he said.

“It has been a trial-and-error project,” Cassidy said. “Getting everything to work together was a struggle but in the end it came together very well.”

Junior Tyler Lewis was one of 52 Sentinel students at the state competition. Competing in the carpentry contest, he was given blueprints of two walls with a floor attachment, something he had not practiced, Lewis said.

“The blueprints I was given were totally something different,” Lewis said. “It went well, but overall I don’t think I placed.”

Even if Lewis doesn’t place, he plans to come back next year.

“I will look over last year’s blueprints and the year before so that I am ready for anything,” Lewis said.

“Overall it was fun,” he said.

Three seniors in public safety competed in the crime scene investigation competition. The team included Hollie Alexander from Seneca East High School, Micaela Barth from Upper Sandusky High School and Zach Riedel from Mohawk High School.

“(Today) went pretty good,” Barth said. “The judges came and told us how well we did and said we were ‘exceptional,’ so we are hoping we did well.”

For the competition, the team had to process a crime scene by correctly collecting the evidence and logging it in by drawing and photographing items.

Each team member had to take a written test and participate in writing the report, Barth said.

Alexander and Barth placed fourth last year at state.

“We are all nervous but excited. We learned a lot and the experience was good,” she said.