New Riegel council OKs vehicle tax

NEW RIEGEL – New Riegel council members directed Solicitor Rick Palau to create a resolution for the village to enact a $5 license fee and suspend the three-reading rule. Learning they are the only village in Seneca County not collecting the fee from vehicles licensed, the action needed to be taken before the county may enact an additional $5 fee for improving SR 53 or the village cannot collect it. The village estimates $1,000 annually to be collected, which can only be used for street projects.

Mayor Larry Bouillon said the village did not qualify for a small government grant through the Ohio Public Works Commission for repaving of SR 587 through the village.

Council approved the purchase and installation of a banner by New Riegel Right to Life at the baseball field fence, after being informed of the project by Keith Theis, head of the baseball association. Council also approved the erection of a rubber backstop, new tile on the field, repairing the concession stand door and installing a flagpole.

Theis told members stone is to be placed around the batting cage and Boy Scout Levi Nye plans to remodel the concession stand for his Eagle Scout project. Future projects the association is considering are replacing old bleachers with dugouts at the main ballfield. He said the fencing needs repairs.

New Riegel’s community garage sales are 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. today and Friday and 9 a.m.- 2 p.m. Saturday.

Street worker Jerry Faeth reported park restrooms have been opened for the season and he has purchased park paper supplies. Some streets have been swept and he questioned what the village wanted to do with wood from tree trimming.

Fiscal Officer Jackie Honaker submitted the cash summary by fund report as well as the appropriation status as of March 31.

In other business, council:

Adopted a resolution of necessity on a replacement levy for providing police protection and requesting the county auditor certify the amounts and rates.

Heard the 2012 Ferris lawn mower had been delivered.

Approved $100 for the rental of a grinder to remove paint and $200 for paint and striping on CR 591.

Determined to cancel phone services with AT&T and First Communication and contact Time Warner Cable for services.

Discussed purchasing pond algaecide supplies from Aqua Doc for the village to apply themselves.

Learned the village had earned $900 from recycling to spend by June 30.

Heard Mike Metzger estimated the cost of five risers, four plates and cold patch at $1,450.

Approved Larkin Lawn Care’s quote of $860 for burning the curbs, burning stone outside the ball field and parking areas and the weed control of all grass areas at the park.

Decided to place air-conditioners in the community garage sale.

Requested resident attend a council meeting personally to discuss a driveway permit.

Council is to meet at 6:30 p.m. May 21.