Home becomes a classroom

Bettsville Fire Chief Jim Magloski (right) guides Joe Cheek of Bettsville Volunteer Fire Department to medical assistance after a controlled burn Saturday morning on North?CR?11, Bettsville.

Firefighters Cheek and Brandon Shull of Helena Fire Department control the fire with foam.

Bottom left, a picture of the home that was used in the fire, which was built by Daniel and Margaret (Anderson) Lynch. Daniel Lynch, an Irish immigrant, came to Virginia and was later granted 120 acres in present day Liberty Township.

The couple’s grandson Warren and his wife Eurie (Feasel) lived in the house and owned the land in 1939, then moved to Kansas, Ohio, before returning and having their 10th child, Shirley Burkart, who supplied this history.

Warren died April 14, 1973. Eurie died March 22, 1993.

Shirley made plans to be away Saturday, preferring not to see her childhood home meet its demise.