Democrats look to fill chief position

During a meeting Thursday night, Seneca County Democratic Party Executive Committee discussed its options regarding the soon-to-be vacant chair position.

Committee Chair Tom Smathers announced his resignation in March, and he is to step down in May.

“I’m going to be gone most of the summer, I don’t think that’s fair to try and hold a position and have somebody do all the work,” he said. “I think the right thing to do is resign, and then come back and help the way I intend to do.”

During the previous meeting, Smathers said Vice Chair Mary Puffenberger would succeed him as the committee’s chair, but said constitution/bylaws committee head Dean Henry said the committee should elect a chair.

The committee discussed when and how the next chair should be appointed, but decided to wait until a future meeting to make a decision.

In other business, the committee appointed Cheryl Radin-Norman to the executive committee.

Radin-Norman, who recently moved to the county, would normally have to wait until she declared herself a Democrat during primary election before she could become a member of the committee.

Since there is no primary election this year, Puffenberger said she contacted the registrar of voters in Radin-Norman’s previous state, and presented a hard copy of Radin-Norman’s Democratic enrollment to the committee.

“It’s good to have people that are interested and serving, and it’s great to have people who are energetic too,” Smathers said.

Also at the meeting, the committee agreed to pay Seneca County Democratic Party’s $600 assessment fee to the Ohio Democratic Party.