Council to sign $4.5M loan agreement

FOSTORIA – The city of Fostoria soon is to be signing an agreement with the Ohio EPA to borrow more than $4.5 million to replace two clarifiers at its wastewater treatment plant. Funding will be through the Water Pollution Control Loan Fund. The length of the loan will be for 20 years.

The clarifiers are designed to allow settling of treated wastewater toward the end of its treatment, however the time it takes for the wastewater to move through the tanks is reduced during times of high flow which results in less settling and water quality issues. The settling tanks at the front of the plant can properly treat more than 12 million gallons per day, however the secondary clarifiers can treat just over 8 million gallons per day.

The project’s estimated completion date is May 2015. The existing clarifiers will be used for other treatment.

The city addressed other treatment issues in years past after an evaluation by the Ohio EPA’s compliance assistance unit.

Council approved an agreement with ProMedica Fostoria Community Hospital that would authorize participation in a federal drug program. The program would require manufacturers to lower prices in providing outpatient medicine to certain health care organizations. It also allows for more care to low income residents with no additional costs to the city.

Council also approved a contract with AFSCME union with no raise in pay.

Council is to meet at 7:30 p.m. May 7 at the municipal building.