Clyde-GS tries again on school levy

Clyde-Green Springs Exempted Village School District has placed an additional tax levy to provide for the emergency requirements of the school district on the May ballot, the district’s fourth attempt for passage of a levy.

The levy is a five-year, 5.25-mill levy that would generate more than $1.11 million annually. The annual cost to the owner of a $100,000 home is $160.78.

Superintendent Laura Kagy said the levy is to aid in gaining back cuts the district has had to make over the past few years.

“The levy is for general operating costs,” Kagy said.

Kagy said the board hopes to bring back high school busing and elementary school music performances and lower class sizes.

In November voters rejected renewal of a 1.5-mill permanent improvement levy.

The district is not seeing any help from the state level either, Kagy said. Gov. John Kasich’s school funding plan has left the district of Clyde with no increase in funds for the next two years.

“Clyde is an incredibly proud community,” Kagy said. “The district continues to be an excellent school district. We were hopeful that something would change at the state level and it hasn’t happened and it is not going to happen for the next two years.”

No one outside of the district is going to solve this problem, Kagy said.

“We are hoping that the community is starting to see the economics as a whole start to improve and feel more security in their homes and finances to support the schools as they have in the past,” she said.