Carey schools seek funds for building

Carey Exempted Village Schools has a bond issue and a tax levy for construction of a new school building on the May 7 ballot.

The district is seeking a 6.5-mill bond issue for construction and maintenance of a new pre-kindergarten through senior high school building. The issue will cost the owner of a $82,100 home, $163.44 annually and $13.62 monthly. The issue would run for 37 years.

If the issue passes, the district is to issue bonds and pay them off with income from the tax levy.

The district is mostly in Wyandot County with a portion in Seneca.

The issue was first rejected in 2009.

The high school building was built in 1921 and the elementary building in 1929, Superintendent Mark Vehre said. Additions were made in 1954 and 1963.

Vehre said the district was looking into replacing windows and a water mitigation project last spring. Replacing the windows would have cost $450,000.

“The public was asking why we would put that much money into an old facility,” Vehre said. “So we did a consensus and thought that we would try again.”

The state is to offer 70 percent in matching funds, but the district is to come up with its part, Vehre said.

“This issue is extremely important, especially to the young people in the district. Students are not just competing with other students in the area. With the advances in technology, students are now competing worldwide,” Vehre said. “We just want to provide them with the opportunities and tools to do so.”

Construction of the building would be a three-year process.

If the issue does not pass next month, the board would have to discuss what to do next, Vehre said.

“We would still have to have money to take care of the current facility,” Vehre said. “It will be a major cost and we cannot do it with the money we have and we would still have to go to the voters.”

To the public, Vehre asked, “would you rather put money into an old building or a state-of-the-art facility?”